The Best Zara Buys (All Under $100!)

Because upgrading your space shouldn't have to be expensive.

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When we come across a void in our home that needs to be filled (say an empty corner, or barren shelf), we turn to stores that have affordable, trendy goods for a quick fix. But, sometimes we’ll buy an inexpensive piece we’re not totally in love with to hold us over until we find something better. It’s officially time to get rid of that mentality; reasonably priced items don’t have to be placeholders. Stores like Zara are a prime example. The emporium is filled with affordable, on-trend pieces that are classic enough to have a shelf life longer than a couple years. Still don’t believe us? Click through the slideshow ahead to find all the pieces you’ll want for good, and you won’t even have to spend more than $100.

Light Mauve Basic Weave Blanket

Use this throw blanket as a subtle way to bring a little more color into your room.

Orange/Blue Reversible Velvet Cushion Cover

The best part about this velvet cushion cover is that it’s reversible. Showcase whichever color feels right in the moment.

Colorful Striped Mat

We’re loving the rich colors.

Metallic Cushion Cover

A metallic accent pillow can add a little bit of edge and a whole lot of style to your room.

Lime Green Thick Glass Candlestick

Let your candles sing in this on-trend candlestick.

Wooden Door Stop with Jute Handle

Don’t settle for a door stop that doesn’t have solid design elements.

Marble Clock

Fill up that empty space on your shelf with a sleek piece that will help you keep track of the time, too.

Metallic Magazine Holder

Give your magazines the home that they deserve.

Plain Blue Cotton Rug

The white border makes this blue rug pop.

Blue Glass Hourglass

When it comes to filling up empty spaces, the best options also have a purpose, like this hourglass.

Blue and White Glass Vase

The grid pattern gives this fun vase a modern edge.

Lamp with a Bell over the Bulb

Upgrade your lamp game without dropping too much cash.

Plaited Colorful Basket

Store all your odds and ends in a cool, colorful basket

Three-Armed Candle

A three-armed candle takes the fuss out of lighting your dinner table.

Orange Faux Leather Plain Cushion Cover

Play with texture and try a leather pillow cover.

Round Mirror on a Chain

This mirror is easy to hang, and will add style your wall.

Round Silver Mercurised Glass Candleholder

Tealights never looked so good.

Green and Yellow Glass Vase

This two-toned vase is the right topper for any table.

Ladder-shaped Towel Rack

Hang your towels (or scarves!) neatly on this towel rack.

Cobalt Nordic Candle

These candles are tall, dark, and handsome.

Rectangular Engraved Stool

When you’re not using this stool, keep it next to your bed as a makeshift side table.