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Domino’s most recent installment of Kids Rule the House brings us to the bright and bold bedroom of Simon and Xavier (ages 11 and 8) in the Carroll Gardens neighborhood of Brooklyn—where Lego cars, a toy dragon collection (with three Godzillas and counting), board games, and lots of books hold court. The boys’ father—photographer David A. Land, along with partner Rumaan Alam—hopes the room “helps my kids feel powerful and like they can do anything.” Below, the family shares some key tips for designing a shared (and small) bedroom together.

Siblings Agree: Bunk or Bust

Simon and Xavier both cite their bunk beds as their favorite part about sharing a room. “I always know there is someone up there to keep me company,” says Simon (with Xavier’s stuffies Neptune the sequined snake and Charlie the orangutan also occupying the top bunk, it’s a full house). But when everyone needs some alone time, the furniture piece also carves out personal zones. “Xavier can hang up his Godzilla posters next to his bed and Simon can hang up his skate posters by his,” says Land. “They each feel like they are able to express themselves within their own space without bothering the other one.” 

Show Off Your Greatest Hits

When it comes to their bedroom, there’s hardly a square inch that the boys don’t use to display their most prized possessions (and anything they can’t fit is stored in their multicolored bedside table). Simon’s current fave is his homemade cardboard airplane recycled from an old Vans shoebox, while Xavier’s is a Spinosaurus tooth (which, he notes upon closer inspection, looks suspiciously like wood—“Better not be a fake”). As for Land? The Rayo & Honey Young Gifted & Black pennant: “When I saw it, I felt like we had to have it, because I want the boys to feel inspired on a daily basis.” The piece “keeps me moving,” says Simon. 

The More Stories the Better

“One of my favorite things to do in my room is read—it makes me feel like I’m in a library!” says Xavier. “When I was turning 6 or maybe 7, I asked for all books on my birthday.” According to Land, a bookshelf with cubby-style compartments is key to keeping things organized, especially since it can double as a landing spot for those dinosaur figurines. “My husband is a writer and a huge reader, so we’ve always had tons of books around the house,” he adds. 

Set the Scene—And Let It Transport You

“The dresser was the piece that started the whole room,” says Land. “We picked this great yellow one because the rest of the house has a lot of dark wood, but we wanted the boys’ space to feel really bright and fresh.” Then came the wallpaper. “I’ve always been a huge fan of the Beverly Hills palm print, and this is a more modern version. I really love how graphic it is,” explains Land. The effect is like “entering into a different space outside of our Brooklyn neighborhood and taking a trip to another place with endless possibilities.” One where Godzilla just might roam free. (Psst: For more Kids Rule the House fun, check out the episode here.)

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