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Kate Hudson’s morning routine appeals to all the senses. According to a short Instagram video she shared earlier this week, the actor and podcaster starts off with a lemon-infused drink; burns some palo santo; and then, before opening up her laptop to work, retreats to a room filled with singing bowls. If you’ve ever been to a sound bath or meditation class, you’ve probably seen the inverted bells: when tapped or rubbed with a suede striker they vibrate and produce a rich, deep tone. Intrigued by Hudson’s unique ritual, we went on the hunt for her bowls and found them—where else!—on Amazon.


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The cost to start your day off like a star? A cool $570 (that’s how much her bowls go for on the site). But the price tag appears to be justified by the fact that each one in the seven-piece set is made out of quartz crystal and the pack comes with a padded carrying case and circular stands. Knowing that Hudson is also one to purchase a $415 potato steamer, we weren’t all that surprised she splurged on this spiritual healing tool. 

Other than putting you in a relaxed state when in use, the bowls fill the niches of a bookcase quite nicely, lending themselves to a minimalist, Japandi-inspired aesthetic. The styling takeaway: Mix items on shelves that look similar but are varying heights for a dynamic display. At least the idea is free.

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Ryan Dvan Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, Amazon ($570)