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Palm prints have long held the spotlight in design. Who can forget the banana leaf reign of the mid-2000s and how it seemingly graced the walls of every hotel, bar, and home imaginable? Since then, we’ve embraced various riffs on the print, segueing to botanical- or tropical-inspired motifs. Given our affinity with greens, this should hardly come as a surprise.

While it seems as if we’ve seen nearly every rendition of the palm print to date, we’ve noticed a new alternative: jungle prints. Saturated with color and intricate patterns, consider these fresh picks to be the elevated version of the basic palm.

From the geometric and abstract to the abundantly colored and everything in between, the wallpaper patterns ahead will inspire you to take a walk on the wild side.

If your color preference aligns with “the more, the merrier”

Courtesy of Wallshoppe

Modern reinventions elevate the print with punchy colors to inspire a fresh perspective.

Courtesy of Au Fil des Couleurs

Calypso Dancers, Au Fil des Couleurs

Available in three daring colorways, this whimsical pattern is guaranteed to give your walls a cheeky boost of personality.

Courtesy of Wallshoppe

Palm Shuffle, Wallshoppe

Take on the palm in an eye-catching, breezy Bahama-inspired rendition by embracing a punchy color palette that skews outside of the ordinary.

Courtesy of Chasing Paper

Cane + Palm, Chasing Paper

This removable wallpaper combines a vibrant color detail with an intricately repetitive theme that takes on the motif with a modern spin.

If you want your walls to tell a story

Courtesy of Cole & Sons

Panoramic motifs that invite a captivating detail with a daring dose of attention-grabbing style.

Courtesy of Pierre Frey

Alexandrie, Pierre Frey

This tropical-inspired print emulates the allure of a luxe jungle scene, combining flora and fauna with effortless ease.

Courtesy of Anthropologie

Jungle Dream Wallpaper, Anthropologie

We’re always here for a black-and-white combo, and this pattern certainly doesn’t disappoint. Averse to color? Consider this your in for embracing the palm print.

Courtesy of Cole & Sons

Miami, Cole & Sons

Yet another classic from the famed wallpaper purveyor—Cole & Son’s Deco-inspired take on the motif is a celebration of Miami’s retro past.

If you’re all about packing in the pattern

Courtesy of Hermes

There’s power in numbers, and there’s no better way to embrace that than with an abundantly colorful print.

Courtesy of Hermes

Feuillage, Hermès

Inspired by the works of French painter Raoul Dufy, this two-tone pattern is about as captivating as it gets.

Courtesy of Pierre Frey

Amazone, Pierre Frey

We love this high-contrast pattern not only for its leafy motif but also for the sneaky illustrations of the minute nymphs cleverly integrated within.

Courtesy of Hermes

Jungle Life, Hermès

An extension of Hermès’s iconic Jungle Love silk scarf, this two-tone motif invites an immersive experience unlike any other.

If you’re looking for a modern update

Courtesy of John Lewis

Classic with a touch of contemporary cool, these prints are here to evoke a contemporary refresh.

Courtesy of Cole & Sons

Deco Palm, Cole & Son

The Art Deco movement of the ’20s is making a comeback, and this contemporary take on the motif is one trendy way to get in on the look.

Courtesy of 1st Dibs

Jungle Dream Red Panel, 1st Dibs

Layers of palms set against a geometrically inspired backdrop comprise this ultra-captivating wallpaper that boasts the dreamiest color scheme.

Courtesy of Au Fil des Couleurs

Palm Tree, Au Fil des Couleurs

Its inspired palette aside, this playful pattern boasts a pared-down approach to the classic palm print that’s all about effortless cool.