Change Starts at Home

We stand with Black Lives Matter.

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This past week has been deeply painful for so many. We will continue to take action by supporting the protestors and organizations that stand against racial injustice and police brutality.

At Domino, we are giving our content an honest look. This week, we are publishing stories that speak directly to the current events, and reflecting on ways we can meaningfully contribute to the conversation. We’re listening, and we know we must do better. We need to feature a more diverse group of designers and creatives. We need to amplify those voices on our platforms with more Black, Brown, and Non-white writers. We need to champion a broader range of perspectives through our roster of photographers and stylists. We need to spotlight more inspiring Black-owned brands and products. This is how long-overdue change will happen.

Home is our shared starting point, our common ground, where those fortunate to have a roof over their heads can dream, connect, nourish, comfort, and feel empowered. At Domino, celebrating people in their spaces—the joy and creativity that comes with building a personal and authentic home—is what we’re passionate about. We always strive to bring inspiration and new ideas around how you can best experience your home with the people you love.

This is the time to support one another and take ownership of how those more privileged can do better, do more, and work to eradicate racist systems, both overt and subtle. This week, we’re highlighting businesses that are donating 100 percent of proceeds or matching donations toward protestors, as well as Black-led organizations and brands to support (including former Domino cover star Aurora James’s incredible initiative).

This is an ongoing conversation. We’re here to listen, learn, and act.

In solidarity and with love, Team Domino

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