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Introducing Domino’s new podcast, Design Time, where we explore spaces with meaning. Each week, join editor-in-chief Jessica Romm Perez along with talented creatives and designers from our community to explore how to create a home that tells your story. Listen now and subscribe for new episodes every Thursday.

2LG Studio knows a thing or two about bold interiors. Pops of color, unexpected silhouettes, and all-around joyful design are what founders Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead do best. In between working with clients; contributing to Domino with their original advice column, Free to Be Hue; and redecorating their own home, the pair found time to reflect on their process on this week’s episode of Design Time: “People often feel like they don’t allow themselves to experience joy at home because it’s somewhere to just crash at the end of a busy day,” explain the designers. “A lot of what we do is about enabling other people’s creativity and giving them permission to express themselves.” 

Tune in to today’s episode on Spotify and Apple Podcast to learn the duo’s current color obsessions, how to design with function in mind, their stance on the highly debated gloss versus matte paint, and the 10 things inspiring them right now (Acne Studios, Schitt’s Creek, RuPaul). Throughout the conversation with Domino’s editor-in-chief, Jessica Romm Perez, the color lovers share decorating ideas for every room in your home. Here’s a sneak peek at a few of their spirited, technicolor tips.

The Entryway: Make a Statement

It’s kind of wearing your heart on your sleeve, isn’t it? It’s like: This is my front door. This is who I am. Welcome. We often say entrance hallways, in general, are a great place to make that big opening statement, because anyone who is welcome in your home immediately knows something about you when they arrive.”

The Kitchen: Blur Boundaries

“It’s trying to think outside the box…and letting different spaces bleed into other spaces. Freestanding furniture is a really easy way to introduce the feeling of it not being a fitted kitchen. In ours, we’ve got an enormous armchair in the center.”

The Bathroom: Prioritize Your Personality

“You really need to think about what kind of person you are and what kind of energy you want in different spaces in your home. One of the first things we like to ask our clients when we think about designing a bathroom is: Do you shower at night or in the morning? Someone who showers at night wants to feel relaxed, whereas if you’re a morning person, you want to feel energized, with, for instance, pink tiles.”

The Bedroom: Get Creative With Color

“We were giving all our clients these wonderful, exuberant bedrooms, and we thought: Hang on a minute, we’ve missed out here. So we [painted ours] lilac. Quite a bright, zingy lilac on all the walls, and we painted a squiggly line all the way around, and it’s really changed the way we sort of feel about it, hasn’t it? Paint is a great way to change something quickly.”