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All parents can agree: Once you have kids, there’s less time to do hours of shopping research and unearth indie store gems, rather than simply lean on convenience. That’s where Jessica Alba steps in. The actor, who has been doing a “Small Business Saturday” series on Instagram for the past few months, recently shared a roundup of independent kids’ brands—and one standout design caught our eye.

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Stainless Steel Child Set, Ahimsa Home ($64)

Alba recommended mom- and pediatrician-founded Ahimsa Home’s best-selling table set—an iridescent spin on the classic stainless steel cafeteria version that includes a rainbow-hued compartment plate, bowl, cup, spoon, and fork to brighten up your kitchen’s kid section. The pieces are all chemical-free and extra-durable (they can withstand tough toddler “love”)—not to mention they’ll bring a psychedelic vibe to your tablescape and future family picnic spreads. (We wouldn’t be opposed to using the tray or bowl as a colorful catchall for a desk or bedside table.)

More stellar small brands on Alba’s radar: Brave + Kind Bookshop, which thoughtfully curates its titles to ensure inclusivity and diversity on every page, and Harperlman Dolls, a mom-daughter company dedicated to representing kids everywhere.

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