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A cover is to a book what a front door is to a home—a first impression. And according to Houzz’s 2022 trend report, one style is catching more eyes than the rest: iron. Houzz noted an 80 percent uptick in searches for portals made of the metal since last year. With warmer weather comes the opportunity for an easier—and maybe even quicker—exterior upgrade. So if you are considering an iron addition to your facade, here are three more reasons why you should absolutely go for it. 

It’s Just as Versatile

While an iron front door may feel like a serious alternative to the light and airy Dutch door or a traditional painted portal, it can be equally as fun. Get creative with your design by adding a chic doggie door like Atlanta-based designer Sherry Hart, or take inspiration from this Newport Beach, California, home and illuminate your space with a mix of metal and glass.

It’s More Secure

In addition to its aesthetic value, an iron front door wins brownie points for resilience. The burly material offers protection from fire, moisture, and debris caused by inclement weather. Finish your door with sturdy hinges and rest assured that it will be around forever. According to distributors, the durability of the metal might even prevent burglaries, as the locking mechanisms are especially tricky to tamper with. 

It’ll Help Keep Your House Cool

Finally, the thickness of the material provides an extra layer of defense when it comes to rising and falling temperatures. This is due to a thermal break, a plastic insulator that lives inside of the door. Iron is also typically able to absorb and maintain high levels of heat, thankfully leaving homeowners untouched by the dog days of summer. If you’re lucky, this nifty advantage might even benefit your energy bill (and wallet). Sounds pretty good to us.