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Gwen Stefani’s extravagant tour bus is covered in white leather and stainless steel — exactly how we imagined it.

Actor Ashton Kutcher may just win most opulent celebrity mobile home with his 1,200 square foot, $2 million trailer. The large home is two stories with a rental bill of $8,750 a week and all the luxury appliances you could want.

The lads in One Direction travel across the country in a stunning tour bus filled with black leather and tons of red accents. We are assuming the bright red kitchen is always fully stocked with….tea.

Dolly Parton is notorious for her eccentric taste in home decor and interior design. This can also be said for her humongous tour bus — which is now a part of a museum in Dollywood. In case you were wondering, there is a


of pink!

President Barack Obama travels across America in a sleek black tour bus, complete with reclining chairs to relax after a long day of you know…running the country.

Will Smith’s $2.5 million mobile home is one for the books. According to Business Insider, the two-story trailer has 14 flat-screen TVs, $30,000 worth of leather, and an insane amount of technology.

The celebrity judge we all love to hate, Simon Cowell, has a beautiful $2 million tour bus with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and its own mobile medical unit. The behemoth costs Cowell $9,000 a week.

Lady Gaga’s Born This Way tour bus, aptly named the Born Brave Bus, is a work of art on the inside and the outside. The exterior is covered in beautiful graffiti, while the interior is covered in a stunning cherry wood with artwork created by Gaga fans hanging on the walls.

Country singer John Rich isn’t afraid to go all out when it comes to his tour bus. Decorated in red leather, black tile and mahogany wood, there is nothing in the tour bus left untouched by style.

This popular country band travels the nation in comfort — patent leather comfort that is. In addition to several brown leather cushions, the Zac Brown Band’s tour bus is filled with granite accents and a perfect amount of lighting.