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Big news for Ikea fans: The furniture company is unveiling its 2018 catalog to U.S. customers starting August 2 in stores and August 7 online. Consider this your opportunity to get a head start on next year’s trends.

The “Make room for life” catalog features simple home furnishing solutions (specifically for the living room, the most popular part of the home to renovate) in the hopes of taking away the stress of decorating to help people focus on the things they love.  “We are encouraging people to make space for their needs and dreams. As homes rapidly change to fit our lifestyles, we want to inspire and enable people to make room for the things they love in life,” said Ikea US’s marketing manager, Shideh Hashemi.

To do so, Ikea studied homes at the local, regional, and global level in order to get a better understanding of what consumers most needed in their homes. The company’s researchers discovered that a rise in urbanism—hello, tiny apartments—a change of demographics, and digital influences all drove change equally across all three markets, and set out to produce items accordingly.

Created to reflect the changing nature of the home from a space with specific rooms for designated purposes to a more fluid and constantly-evolving area, 2018’s products are built with the intention of being fully adaptable and customizable. Think: Media centers that double as storage units and tables on wheels that function as both dining tables and office desks. All very ideal for those of us living in smaller spaces and looking for durable and multipurpose pieces to maximize the square footage we do have.

Also at the forefront of the new designs is Ikea’s strengthened commitment to sustainability. Expect eco-friendly items for all rooms of the home, like the Kungsbacka kitchen fronts constructed out of recycled wood and PET bottles.

Above all, Ikea plans on making shopping easier. To do this, it’s introducing “room sets,” wherein a combination of products are turned into mini collections with a total price included that enable customers to instantly purchase a fully-decorated room. Looking for a little more flexibility? Ikea has you covered for that too—it’s going to start offering colors across collections to let you mix and match styles and pieces.

Look for the full range of new products in the new catalogs, available in both print and digital versions. Though you might want to look specifically at the upcoming digital catalog: beyond just a shopping list of homeware goods, it’s a virtual space where you will be able to use augmented reality to place products in your home, follow how-to tutorials, and read feature stories. August 2nd can’t come soon enough.