The One Thing Issa Rae Never Fails to Do in the Morning

Her routine starts at 7:30 a.m. sharp.
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So long, John Legend. Issa Rae, the writer, producer, and star of HBO’s Insecure, is the new face—er, voice—of Google Assistant. As of today, she’ll be able to answer your most pressing inquiries through the device, from daily weather inquiries to dating advice. Seeing that the world can now start their day with Rae, the actress took over Google’s Instagram Stories to share a little bit about her own morning routine.

Rae, apparently an early riser, arrives promptly at her office around 7:30 a.m. (well, 7:22 a.m to be exact) and gets her most pressing work out of the way first, like answering emails and reading scripts. Next, she enjoys the one thing she never goes without. “I drink a green juice every morning,” Rae reveals. Of course, she’s not sipping just a regular ole smoothie. This concoction is packed with kale, which, as her Google Assistant reminds us in the video, boats 6,693 IUs of vitamin A. That’s the equivalent of one cup, chopped. To top it all off, Rae consumes her early-morning juice through a reusable, powder blue glass straw. Looks like we can check “Hey, Issa, what’s your secret to a productive workday?” off of our long list of questions.

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