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Ikea’s new limited-edition collection, VIKTIGT, is a collaboration between your favorite affordable, allen wrench loving brand and Ingegerd Råman, one of Scandinavia’s most well-known glass designers and ceramists. You’ll find cool, stack-friendly glassware and ceramics, as well as furniture, baskets, rugs, a couple of large lamps, bowls in different sizes, and braided lids, much of which is made from bamboo and natural fiber. Read on to learn more about our favorite moments from this new must-have collection!

When they made chopping/serving boards so gorgeous we’d leave them sitting out all the time.

(Notice how well they stack together, that’s a theme here).  For anyone who is totally over cutting and serving boards with handles, this elevated design will have you crafting cool breakfast and appetizer boards on the regular.

VIKTIGT chopping board $12.99

When they created a food cover that was actually chic. 

Full disclosure, at first we thought this was just a bowl turned upside down, but it’s really a food cover, used for keeping pests away from your divine dishes at the cookout until you’re ready to serve. Though technically, you could probably use it as a bowl for fruit, etc too.

VIKTIGT food cover $9.99

When the simplest little chair was the biggest deal. 

Perhaps bamboo’s most elegant moment yet. These stackable chairs are coming to steal the crown your current dining set is wearing, you might want to warn them.

VIKTIGT chair $59

When they stacked their glassware and gave us so many ideas. 

We’re envisioning so many tablescape options featuring chic stacks if glassware, ceramics, and anything else we can get to stand still this summer.

VIKTIGT pitcher $9.99/ea VIKTIGT bowls $14.99/2pk VIKTIGT serving plates $29.99/set of 3

When this was their new chair silhouette and we maybe fainted a little. 

We’re predicting this will soon be as common in every savvy home as the school locker inspired cabinet once was. Mark our words.

VIKTIGT easy chair $129

When we realized we needed to lighten up our rugs for summer. 

We love our layers, don’t get us wrong, but during summertime it might be nice to keep things a little more minimal, a little more light. This flatwoven, highly affordable option is a good place to start.

VIKTIGT rug, flatwoven, $29.99

When the minimalists favorite sofa was invented and we felt complete at last. 

Yep, it’s a sofa. Minimal, perfect for small spaces, and in a deep neutral shade that’s going to work just fine with your current color scheme. Ikea really did us a solid this time. (Literally).

VIKTIGT sofa $179

When they gave us a pendant light that works in literally every room in the house. 

We’re thinking the big one, over the center of the bed, hung high. What do you think? The shape and overall lightness of these pendants will be so welcome come summer. Heavier copper or glass options might need to take a season off.

VIKTIGT pendant lamp shade $34.99, $24.99 Handmade. Cord set is sold separately. Designer: Ingegerd Råman.

When there were baskets and we were so happy because we can’t with clutter. 

Such a cool, open shape to these beauties, and the storage possibilities are simply endless. We could see these being the new hero of the mudroom.

VIKTIGT basket Handmade by a skilled craftsman. Designer: Ingegerd Råman. $17.99/ea Ø14¼, H14½” or $24.99/ea Ø19¾, H10¼”.

When they hung a pendant light really low to the table and it was awesome. 

We’ve never really thought about getting low, real low with our pendant lighting, but over a countertop this move could be pretty cool. Especially when the pendant is as light and airy as this one, it won’t feel too imposing.

VIKTIGT pendant lamp shade, $24.99 Handmade. Cord set is sold separately. Designer: Ingegerd Råman.

When ceramics were so chic all of our other dishes seemed suddenly inadequate.

Ikea is king of demonstrating how good dishware truly doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Again with the stacking. The perfect stacking.

VIKTIGT serving plates $19.99/set of 3 VIKTIGT serving plates $14.99/set of 4

When ceramics didn’t know if they were for use or for admiration. 

Dishes or art isn’t a decision you have to make too often, but Ikea just made certain this stack leaves you puzzled.

VIKTIGT serving plates $19.99/set of 3 VIKTIGT serving plates $14.99/set of 4

When we realized our everyday use stuff was about to get so much more visually pleasing. 

Surrounding yourself with only the stuff you love is a lot easier when that stuff is multi-use and really affordable. If this new collection isn’t an excuse to do a major cracked/chipped/gross dish clean out, we don’t know what is.

When they gave us one more stacked glassware moment to last us until the collection comes out!

When VIKTIGT arrives at Ikea the week of May 23rd, we’ll be ready. Will you?

VIKTIGT bowls $19.99/set of 2 VIKTIGT pitcher $9.99 VIKTIGT carafe with glass $14.99