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Photography by cody guilfoyle 

Easily Ikea’s most beloved light fixture, the Sinnerlig pendant lamp has been making major waves since it first hit the scene back in 2015. The brainchild of designer Ilse Crawford, each lampshade is made by hand of bamboo lattice; its perforated form casting a brilliant patterned glow whenever the switch reads “on.” Once relegated to the homes of bohemians, the Swedish retailer’s now-iconic woven fixture has quickly become a staple in design-forward spaces of all shapes and styles—from industrial-rustic to beachy-minimal.

And while the shade certainly stuns as is, we’re not opposed to a decorative refresh. In fact, we’ve spotted a number of noteworthy transformations across the web that are inspiring us to do just that. Read on for a few of our favorite Sinnerlig pendant hacks.

Photography by Anita Yokota 

In search of a savvy way to upgrade her daughters’ bedroom, blogger and designer Anita Yokota dreamt up this vibrant reinvention. With a little hot glue, Yokota fastened a series of fun pompom tassels (sourced from a garland she bought at Crate and Barrel Kids) to the base of the lamp.

Alone, this playful portrayal is deserving of our love. But because it elevates the decorative context of the entire space (note how the fixture picks up on the various textures and colors within the room), this colorful rendition reigns superior. And, sure, Yokota had her little ones in mind, but who’s to say this same stringy creation wouldn’t blow an adults-only room away.

Photography by Stephanie Watkins

Stephanie Watkins of the blog Casa Watkins Living is also a big fan of the tassel upgrade. However, instead of adhering her fringy embellishments to the border, Watkins opted for a more scattered approach—sprinkling smaller tassels (which she snagged from Woman Shops World on Etsy) across the body of the fixture using fishing wire and white thread to hold each in place. Because the tassels aren’t permanently secured to the fixture, Watkins can easily change up the display as soon as the seasons change. Check out her complete guide here


Who said you had to hang your Sinnerlig pendant from the ceiling? We love it when an ordinary object takes on new meaning—especially if said object blossoms into an accent piece as beautiful as this sculptural side piece.

All you need is hot glue, a few legs, spray paint, and a wiring kit to pull off this weird and wonderful Ikea hack. Once perched atop hot pink legs, it will double as the spotlight your living room sofa never knew it needed. Get the full how-to for this out-of-the-box hack here.


There are many reasons we love Helsinki-based interior designer Laura Ratia’s neon yellow version: It’s happy, different, and most of all, daring. While most of us would undoubtedly shy away from a color so bright, Ratia’s lemon-hued adaptation is incredibly electric. What’s more? She painted it for her son! Forget night lights, we only wish we had been lucky enough to have a statement piece like this in our childhood bedroom.

Courtesy of ikea 

Consider this one cheerful project you’ll want to bookmark come the holidays. Created by threading paper ribbon through the bamboo to create star-like shapes and a hem around the base. If you’re in the mood for a project that is guaranteed to give you that warm and fuzzy holiday feeling, give this whimsical DIY a try. Bonus: It’s only temporary.

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