Published on December 17, 2015

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Photography by DECOHOLIC.ORG

floating wall shelves

Not everyone has room for a huge book case or custom shelving, and floating wall shelves are the ideal in between. Buy large, uniformly sized shelves like you see here, or opt for itty bitty versions that fit just a few books, a small frame, or miniature vase.

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Photography by NINA CHOI


Plates are just as pretty as art, but their shiny, 3D style adds an interesting element.

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Photography by @beckiowens


We don’t have to tell you twice—hanging one or more mirrors opens up a space and adds a chic vibe to any room.

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Your walls are the perfect way to store—and display—your stylish hat collection.

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Photography by @designsponge

wall tapestry

The perfect compromise between art and wallpaper.

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Photography by @lovestarloves


Save counter space and add some dimension to your wall with floating vases. These ones by Lovestar are especially adorable.

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pots & pans

This is a no brainer for those lacking lots of kitchen storage. Use this as extra incentive to keep your pans extra clean—and find them in cute colors like this yellow pot.

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Photography by @homeyohmy

a cool calendar

We’re not talking your average nature calendar from the mall. Upgrade to a modern design or make your own DIY cal to suit your design taste.

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Photography by @3potato4


Felt pennants and linen banners are the new coolest way to decorate your space. Bonus: Most of them feature hometown pride and positive messages.

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Photography by @shophesby

wall hangings

The woven wonders are costly, but worth the pretty penny if you’ll appreciate the craftsmanship and creativity that goes into each design.

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Photography by @katie_kime

faux taxidermy

We love White Faux Taxidermy for their trendy, polyresin-made, collection of animals. Go classic with antlers or funky with the make believe unicorn.

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Photography by LAURA RESEN

a clock

Clocks are actually a useful item to hang on your wall (remember, they’re the old school way of telling time). Search for a cool design like you see here that will match your room’s decor.

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Photography by @everlylane


If you love DIY crafts (or browsing Etsy!), you know hanging paper-made garland isn’t just for special occasions. This simple craft adds a kitschy vibe to a living room or a cute touch to a little girl’s room.

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Photography by @staceylramsey

a rug

If you find a rug design you really love, hang it on your wall instead of laying it on your floor.

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christmas lights

Add light and cheer to any room with Christmas lights used year round. If you’re a fan of dim lighting, this one’s for you.

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Photography by AMY BARTLAM


Ditch your bedside table lamp and install a sconce for a modern, chic touch.

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Photography by @thejungalow


Hanging shallow baskets is the bohemian version of hanging glossy plates. Pair with succulents for a jungalow-inspired space—and know you don’t have to hang this many to get the full effect. Two or three mixed in with your gallery wall will do the trick.

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Photography by @jonathanadler


Fake a headboard by hanging a curtain behind your bed.

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Throw simple or ornate hooks on any wall for added function and design. If you have a small space that lacks a full entryway, this will change your life!

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Photography by @thestellabluegallery

decorative diy design

Nailing (or even gluing!) a few pieces of thin wood together and painting in your color of choice is an easy way to create a fence-like structure that adds a serious element of interest to your wall. Plus, like shown here, you can hang a tiny succulent and other small items like your keys from the wall hanging.