4 things you’ve always wanted to ask a swedish designer

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text by   SHANI SILVER photography by   CHRISTIAN JOHANSSON

Come winter, we’re all for bundling up in cozy textures – preferably by a fireplace with a good read. Enter six cabins from across the country, that will inspire a getaway (or redesign!) of your own.

  1. SWEDISH DESIGN SEEMS TO FOCUS ON NEUTRAL TONES AND MINIMAL USE OF COLOR. HOW DO YOU APPROACH COLOR WHEN YOU BEGIN A NEW DESIGN PROJECT? We are using more and more colors now in our work. It might seem that Scandinavians are a bit safe and boring when they decorate their homes. They choose the safe way and take inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest. But when we work we add colors and try to be creative and think outside the box. We often present a mood board with a theme. If it’s an office project or a restaurant, we work with storytelling and make it blend in. Our favorite right now is Jotun Lady Balance paint, wonderful matte colors.
  1. ART SEEMS TO PLAY A KEY ROLE IN SWEDISH INTERIOR DESIGN. WHAT ADVICE DO YOU HAVE REGARDING SELECTING, PURCHASING, OR CREATING ART FOR THE HOME? Graphic design, and white and black posters are very popular. Everybody has the same art on the walls in creative framings. Be different! Look for art in secondhand shops so you will be more original. If possible, go to art galleries and invest in real art.
  1. DESCRIBE THE SCANDINAVIAN AESTHETIC WITHOUT USING THE WORD “MINIMALIST.” Nordic design, light colors, nordic woods, graphic elements.
  1. HOW DO SWEDISH DESIGNERS REALLY FEEL ABOUT IKEA? Boring. But we are happy that they exist. Everybody can afford this!