what to do with all those shells (and things!) you’ve been saving

bring a little beach back home.

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There’s just something about the beach (and not wanting to leave it) that makes you want to take home a piece of the sandy shore after a much-needed getaway. If you still have lots of shells and beach bits rattling around in your suitcase, check out these simple and chic DIYs to repurpose your beach combing trinkets and add a touch of summer to your space even after your vacay is over.

For your leftover oyster shells…

oysters on canvas These oyster shell canvases are a snap to create and make the perfect hostess gift. First, paint a square canvas in your desired shade, then tape the perimeter to paint a border with gold acrylic paint. Then, paint the back of an oyster shell in the same gold tone and attach it with glue!

oyster shell mirror

Layer oyster shells as a halo around a mirror to add a bit of coastal chic to your space.

oyster shell salt cellars

Paint the insides of recycled oyster shells with gold leaf for instantly chic salt cellars that you can use when you host large-scale dinners or engagement parties.

Find the DIY via Design Sponge.

oyster keychain

This oyster keychain is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Drill a hole in the shell and attach a key ring. Extra credit for painting the shell with a coat of high-gloss or metallic paint!

For your seashell finds…

succulents in giant clam shell Plant your favorite succulents in a giant clam shell for an simple centerpiece to up your summer dinner party tablescape game.

planters from tiny conchs

Plant microgreens within the lip of tiny conch shells to create hanging planters.

b&w shell soap dish

With fine-point Sharpies, doodle in the veins of white seashells to create graphic, art deco-inspired soap dishes.

seashell succulent planter

Glue seashells in a uniform formation around a terra cotta pot to create a beachy planter for your summer succulents.

Find the DIY via Billabong.

“lacquered” shells

Paint the inside of these shells with high-gloss paint and the exterior with a metallic spray paint to create tiny yet stylish dishes for jewelry and trinkets.

imprinted pie crust

Press clean seashells into fresh pie dough to give a touch of summer to your sweet treats.

shell sketch book

Between two sandwiched seashells, thread artist’s paper for a unique sketchbook or travel journal.

seashell lights

Adhere seashells to twinkle lights for an unexpected decor element at your next outdoor cocktail party!

Find the DIY via Martha Stewart.

zebra shell necklace

For simple but fun summer jewelry, knot two zebra shells to the end of a hemp string in a pastel shade.

beachy hors d’oeuvre skewers

Attach small shells to wooden skewers to make fun utensils for passed appetizers, like grilled shrimp!

natural shell ornaments

With string, pearl beads, and colorful shells straight from the shore, you can DIY these ornaments to remember your beach vacation during the cold weather months.

Find the DIY via Martha Stewart.

clamshell wreath

DIY this neutral wreath with leftover shells from your summer clam bake!

Find the DIY via Martha Stewart.

For those rustic driftwood pieces…

driftwood starburst

Make a statement with this starburst. Arrange small pieces of driftwood around the perimeter of a bevelled mirror for a quick DIY that will keep summer around the house all year.

Find the DIY via Sustain My Craft Habit.

driftwood mirror

Attach pieces of driftwood and oyster shells to a rectangular mirror for a piece that’ll add texture and a natural element to your space, especially hung above a console table or chest!

driftwood book end

Glue small pieces of driftwood together to create earthy bookends to add to your shelves!

driftwood jewelry hanger

If you’ve come across an L-shaped piece of driftwood, fasten it to a wooden base for a simple yet rustic jewelry hanger.

For various beach bits…

mosaic frame Attach small shells to a picture frame to make an artful mosaic piece that is perfect for your bathroom vanity.

Find the DIY via Country Living.

mosaic canvases

Layer one type of shell or beach stone to completely cover a small square canvas. The more beach bits you have, the better! Create several square mosaics for a gallery that adds a natural and neutral element to your space.

seashell and pebble stationery

For bespoke stationery, DIY these sweet cards with leftover seashells and pebbles from your beach vacay.

Find the DIY via Martha Stewart.

sand and surf hurricane

Fill a hurricane with sand and various pieces from your beach combing to create a simple centerpiece for outdoor entertaining.

colorful bookshelf styling

Mix in bits of coral, starfish or a delicate, pearl-toned shell with colorful books to give your shelf or etagere a little oomph.

neutral bookshelf styling

If your decor aesthetic is more neutral in tone, mix in white and beige sea life for a coastal cottage motif.

high shine shells (and things!)

With a quick coat of metallic silver spray paint, create gorgeous silver objets á la Creel and Gow.

wicker basket centerpiece

This may be the simplest decor DIY of the bunch! Arrange your beach combing treasures in a wicker tray or basket and put them on display on your coffee table or ottoman.