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Photography by 1st-option.com

Any bathroom is tiny if enough roommates are sharing it. It’s not like sharing a loo with brothers and sisters growing up. Sharing this sacred space with roommies requires patience, understanding, and a lot of bins n’stuff. Organization, respecting each others belongings, and a little planning will make sure even a shared bathroom is one of the most stylish rooms in the house. 

Photography by JOHN GRUEN

Divide & Conquer

Take a cue from your closet here. Getting (and staying) organized will help you maximize what little bathroom space you’ve got. Separate your stuff into purpose and person, using baskets, labels, bins, whatever you and your roomie agree on. The less mess, the less you’ll hate sharing a bathroom. We’re also hoping dividing your bathroom essentials will lead to less “…who used my….?”

Photography by domino

Countertop Clutter

Some things need to stay within easy reach, and those things are often tiny. Stow small, frequently used (and left lying around!) items in space-saving containers. This will leave fewer excuses for mess. Also, things contained neatly in glass jars just feels so soothing, don’t you think?


Movable Forces

Make your bathroom’s decor change based on the person who’s using it. If roommates each stash their stuff on rolling carts, these carts can be tucked away and brought out based on who is occupying the loo at the moment. 

Photography by LUCAS ALLEN

Celebrate The Good Stuff

The best part of sharing a bathroom is double the beautifully packaged products, of course! Set a mirrored or clear tray atop the counter or back of the toilet, and leave posh and frequently used products on display. We’ve seen some cool metallic and wooden tray options, too. You’ll be surprised how impressive your luxe product collection is when you double it. 

Photography by MELANIE ACEVEDO

Hit The Wall

Wall space is your friend. Use it. Put your power drill skills to good use (or call someone with said power drill skills) and hang shelves, extra cabinets, mirrors, all with the intention of giving each roommate his or her compartmentalized space. Assigning each person his or her own shelf will help create a “this is mine” feeling in even the tiniest bathroom.

Photography by MARTHA STEWART

Get Hooked

If hanging shelves is simply not an option, you need hooks. Lots of hooks. Towels, hand washed laundry, straightening irons, these all need places to hang out, literally. Keep them evenly spaced and at different heights to maximize your hook-accommodating wall space. Wet-towel-on-bed syndrome isn’t something we’re dying to go through again, you know? 

Photography by Kapito Muller

Consider The Color

Whitewashing your bathroom is an almost guaranteed way to make it appear bigger. It will also help you easily spot a floor that needs Swiffering or a counter that needs a quick scrub down. White walls and bathroom accessories will also make it easy for two people to combine their stuff, and their styles, without things clashing or looking garish. 


Get Out Of There

And here’s the kicker: Don’t do your makeup in the bathroom. Just don’t. Set up a chic vanity in your bedroom (hint–these are also known as desks ), and keep your makeup stashed in lucite boxes or on a tray. Lean a mirror against the wall or opt for a small desktop mirror. Respecting each other’s bathroom time is the real ace up your sleeve when sharing with others. You don’t like to be rushed while you’re contouring, but someone else really needs to shower post-SoulCycle. Take your makeup to your room, and take your time.