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photography by  DANIEL DAHLER, courtesy of HOMEE 

We’re no strangers to apps that change the game. (Think about it–when is the last time you used Uber, Snapchat…Pokemon Go?). Our next introduction to disruptive genius is Homee, the app that gives you access to a brilliant interior designer to help you style the home you should have, and all for free. Better still, everything you need to actually create your new space is available for purchase through to app, too (and so are all the furnishings you see here)! We asked Madeline Fraser, Co-Founder & CMO of Homee to break things down for us. Read on to learn more about Homee, and the way the app is changing everything you know (and everything you NEED to know) about interior design.

HOW DID THIS PROJECT COME ABOUT? We were inspired to create Homee to solve one problem: Buying furniture is the worst! It’s a pain point that pretty much everyone we knew could relate to, so we decided to create a solution. We saw a real need to not only bring ease to the furniture buying process, but to create a seamless way to furnish a beautifully designed and custom space. To us, a mobile platform was the only answer. We do everything else on our phone, so why couldn’t we furnish our homes from the palm of our hand as well?

With Homee, we’re bringing ease and simplicity to the entire furnishing process and connecting customers directly with Homee designers via our proprietary chatbot to receive personalized design recommendations for their space. Items from the design can be purchased a la carte or together as an entire room at the touch of a button.

The best part is that our design service is free, and our designers work with their clients until they love every part of their design.

WHAT MAKES HOMEE DIFFERENT FROM OTHER DESIGN SERVICES? We are the first home furnishing mobile platform targeting a younger, more tech savvy demo – one that isn’t interested in interior design, or in paying for it. However, they do care about having a stylish space – they want to get it done but don’t want to take the time to do it. We’re also offering a brand that is gender neutral and millennial driven.

WHAT IS ONE MISCONCEPTION EVERYONE HAS ABOUT INTERIOR DESIGN? There are so many misconceptions about interior design that I couldn’t possibly narrow it down to just one!

  1. Not affordable

    : Having a beautiful space that you love to live in is something that we believe shouldn’t cost you. That’s a big reason why we decided to create Homee as a free service. It’s also a common misconception that furniture pieces are always expensive or marked up, which isn’t the case. There are always affordable options available if you know where to look.

  2. For women only

    : Good design is for all genders and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Men and women alike can equally be positively affected by the power of a great, well-designed living space. In fact, men are some of our best clients. Although they often come to Homee for the ease, they leave really understanding that having a space they enjoy living in really does matter.

  1. Can’t be done virtually

    : If design can’t be done virtually then we don’t have a business! At Homee we’ve created a new and innovative way to train our design team so they are ready and able to design a personalized room for every client without ever setting foot in their space.

  2. Designers are always too pushy

    : That’s so not the case with Homee! There is nothing worse than feeling pressure to buy something you don’t love. That’s why we offer unlimited revisions for every client. We really want our clients to love their space and everything in it. Pressure not included!

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE DESIGN PROJECT YOU/THE TEAM HAVE COMPLETED THUS FAR? We actually just finished an apartment in LA for a couple that just moved-in together. They wanted something comfortable and gender neutral, but still really stylish. They gravitated toward a boho-eclectic style that I personally really love. I think the space turned out to be beautiful, warm, and cozy.

WHAT IS YOUR PERSONAL FAVORITE INTERIOR DESIGN TREND HAPPENING RIGHT NOW? I’m very into the amazing boho elements I have been seeing trending recently. I’m a big fan of layering textures like furs and woven fabrics. It helps make a space feel more homey! (No pun intended).

WHAT IS ONE THING YOU WISH EVERYONE KNEW ABOUT HOMEE? It’s so easy and really a lot of fun! I recently tested out one of our new designers by acting as a new client under a different name. I shared feedback with her on my personal style to see if she could create a design that I liked and she blew me away! She did such an incredible job that I pretty much re-did my entire living room for under $2K. I really had fun going through the process and found myself checking back in to see what other design options she was sending me – I would get so excited when she would find me something new that I loved! Overall, Homee makes the design process incredibly personalized and you end up having a lot of fun at the same time.

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