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We anticipate the new Ikea catalog much the same way children used to wait at their mailboxes for the new Harry Potter. And why wouldn’t we? It’s basically going to tell us what our homes will look like for the next year, amiright? We got a sneak peek of this forthcoming wonder, and selected the 11 items you’ll have to race us to the checkout line for. (Including a mini kitchen, you guys). Products will be available in stores starting this August!

Here, the GLADOM tray table, $29.99

The Freestanding Closet

Tiny apartment

dwellers, rejoice! Why settle for a rod stuck between two feet of free space with a chain hanging down below a bare bulb? Upgrade, and create a custom closet that fits you and your space all while challenging the other furniture in your bedroom to step up the chic game.

ELVARLI three sections with drawers, $587.50

The New Reason To Buy Candles

Slightly throwback in its design, these (incredibly affordable) candlesticks have a place on your mantle. Or bedside table. Or entryway console…

ÄNDLÖS candlestick, $5.99

The Less-Mess Sink Situation

Ever a proponent of helping the person in the tiny apartment, Ikea’s new sink accessories make it easy to do more in and around your sink, regardless of your counter space (or lack thereof).

GRUNDVATTNET sink accessories, $3.49-$12.99

The Showpiece

You might not need a rocking chair, but that is absolutely no reason not to buy one, when it’s this one.

GRÖNADAL rocking chair, $249

The Instagram Star

Behold! The new reason to stop fearing apartments with crappy kitchens! Ikea’s mini kitchen is what tiny house dwellers and others seeking a more minimalist lifestyle will install (and ‘gram) immediately.

SUNNERSTA mini-kitchen, $112.02

The Everyone-You-Know-Will-Own-This

Here she is, friends. The newest must-grab item on the Ikea stock room floor. Less than $30, and an absolute dream for anyone who needs a little something to store a little something.

SUNNERSTA cart, $29.99

The Oh-There-It-Is Coffee Table

If you’ve been searching endlessly for an affordable coffee table that isn’t…well…ugly, here it is. On its way to solve your coffee table woes forever, and for under $60 at that!

SVÄRTAN tray table, $59.99

The I-Can’t-Throw-Things-Away Storage Table

We hang onto stuff too, it’s fine. Old magazines (ahem),  countless books, travel finds. This adorbs little table will give your space a new flat surface without eliminating any of your storage options. It’ll even give you a new one.

KVISTBRO storage table, $49.99

The I’m-Sick-Of-My-Locker-Cabinet Cabinet

At last, something new! We were getting worried there for a minute…

LIXHULT series, $15-$35

The I-Don’t-Know-How-To-Install-Sconces-Light

Well this is just a relief. If installing sconces is something you’re scared of (or would run the risk of angering a landlord over), pop one of these lights atop your headboard and enjoy your pre-sleep reading once more.

VARV clamp spotlight, $34.99

The Ikea catalog will be available in stores on August 8th, with digital versions available online and on the Ikea app August 15th.