the #1 reason to shop ikea in 2017

ikea x hay arrives 2017!

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Shopping at IKEA is more than just shopping. It’s making plans. It’s a calendar item you look forward to with the anticipation of brunch with friends. And now, our beloved, hack-worthy brand has given us a new reason to get excited. A collaboration with danish furniture design company HAY!  The brand released a teaser video that’s a must watch for anyone design obsessed (aka Us). The video was directed by Morten Kühl Christensen from Kühl & Solvstrom, together with Nikextension and Barkas.

A mixture of texture, movement, and pure art, the video is almost like walking through the Renwick Gallery. The end of the video promises the collaboration in 2017, with no more info than that. And thus, our patient wait begins. Watch the teaser!