Published on December 24, 2015

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Photography by Brittany Ambridge

With the holidays come plenty of festive, family traditions – big, small, new, old – the possibilities are endless! So we asked a few members of Team domino to share their favorite holiday traditions and what they look forward to the most. Take a look!

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Photography by Helen Cathcart

My family and I make gingerbread men, decorate the tree with the fire going, eat coffee cake and sausage for breakfast on Christmas morning, and then we have an oyster roast for lunch!

– Stephanie H.

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Photography by Jcrew

Opening matching jammies on Christmas Eve!

– Erica M.

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Photography by Toby Rampton

We have corn chowder for dinner on Christmas Eve, and exchange one present (pajamas!) each. The next morning, the youngest family member present gets to wake everyone up with a trumpet, followed by mimosas for the adults. For NYE, we decorate the Christmas tree with my boyfriend’s family, exchange gifts, and have vodka with pickles!


Emily P.

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Photography by Michael Wiltbank

We always have a Mexican food dinner with my entire extended family on Christmas Eve. My Dad always made us drink a HUGE glass of orange juice (Sunny D to be exact) before we could go and see what Santa brought. 

– Michael W.

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Photography by IMBD
Watching Love Actually on Christmas Eve and ordering Chinese food.

– Shani S.

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Photography by Saveur

We have a BIG Italian Fish Fest on Christmas Eve with at least 40 family members! 

– Lori C.

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Photography by Style Sweet CA

One present on Christmas Eve and home-baked “pupcakes” to take to the Kansas Humane Society for the pooches!

– Caroline B.

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Photography by Michael Wiltbank

A Yankee Swap with family and friends!

– Cliff S.

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Photography by

Having pork roll, egg & cheese sandwiches on Christmas morning.

– Taylor N.

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Photography by pinterest

Christmas Eve at the Hampts’. After schnitzel dinner we play Spades, Grandma Hampt always wins!

– Sara H.

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Photography by Meowchie’s Hideout

On Christmas Eve we would always drive to this fancy neighborhood that had amazing lights and we would listen to carols and drink hot cider. There was one house that looked just like my Barbie mansion, so that was always my favorite part!

– Elaina S.

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Photography by The Roasted Root

Secret Santa with all of my cousins (there are 20 of us!) and having an hors d’oeuvre party Christmas Eve. 

– Laura P.