Is This The Next Big Trend in The Foodie World?

Healthy, tasty, and chic packaging—the trifecta of snacking.

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There’s no denying that wellness has seeped into nearly every part of our lives. We’ve got earth-friendly beauty products in our bags, and rose oil in our lattes. Luckily, healthy and chic are no longer mutually exclusive.

So too when it comes to snacking. Gone are the days of unsightly, ‘crunchy, granola’ health foods. Enter modern times where the packaging, product, and flavors are as advanced as they are delicious. We rounded up a handful of our very favorite healthy treats that we’re snacking on right now.

DADA Daily

FiveStory founder Claire Olshan is diving headfirst into her first foray into wellness, with the new launch of her surrealist-packaged, health-focused brand DADA Daily. Motivated to create a brand that is as inspirationally packaged as it is good for you, DADA is fighting the rigid rules of wellness with Olshan’s four unique products: Crispy Almond Butter Brussels Sprouts, Hot Turmeric Cabbage Petals, Matcha Latte Truffles, and Schisandra Chocolate Truffles.

You can buy all separately, or together in The Head Set, which comes with a literal acrylic head that can then be turned on its side and used as a bowl for the cabbage petals and brussel sprout chips. And the truffles both come in printed, clever packaging worthy of displaying, making your next party a breeze: simply set out the DADA, and you’re good to go.

Valerie Confections, $10

Valerie is changing the conception of chocolate as merely candy (and that packaging is merely an afterthought and literally a throwaway). Their mixes are made of the highest quality cocoa, with healthy add-ins, like almonds, pumpkin seeds, cocoa nibs, and sea salt (as it is in the Good Mix bar). And that packaging! Each bar has its own design, but we’re partial to the Good Mix, and especially with that bold packaging design, with a little (naked) imagery inside on the inner lining.

Watermelon Road Watermelon Lemonade, $24 for 4-pack

We don’t want to play favorites here, but darnit, these might be our favorites. And it couldn’t be simpler: just watermelon and lemon juice—that’s it. We’ve been known to power through a bag in mere minutes, and it’s worth checking out their other assortments, too, especially the dried apples. The packaging is fun enough to have it sit out on its own, or the fruit can stand alone, and be poured out into your favorite bowl.

Cannonborough Craft Sodas, $30 for 12-pack

Dream of being that host (or guest) that pours out an iced cold liquid that is so under-the-radar, yet so incredible? (Is that just what our dreams look like?) Try out these craft “sodas” then. The word “soda” is a bit deceptive though because Cannonborough’s blends are artificial-free, made from fresh fruits, herbs, and spices, and are blended in small batches. The results are carbonated, unique, and delicious. Think of it as Spindrift’s cooler, more interesting, younger sibling.

McConnell’s Dairy-Free Ice Cream, $12

An ice cream you actually want to have out and displayed? And one that is also delicious and non-dairy? Yep, yep, and yep—it exists. Smooth, luxurious, and flavorful, you won’t even know it’s dairy-free. Thanks to the iconic California brand McConnell’s, who hand makes each and every batch. (Bonus points for their iconically old school packaging design, too.) They recently launched a dairy-free line that is insanely tasty. We taste-tested all the DF flavors and we can officially report they were all incredible, but we especially loved the Toasted Coconut Almond Chip flavor.

MatchaBar x Emmy’s, $29.95 for 12-pack

Beloved matcha experts MatchaBar has just collab’d with equally beloved clean cookie experts Emmy’s, to create the vegan, gluten-free, and USDA certified organic cookies of your dreams. The Emmy’s Coconut Matcha Cookies are healthy, yet wildly tasty and addicting.

We like to set out the iconic circular cookies artfully on our favorite platter or tray for all to enjoy.

Moon Juice Activated Turmeric, Coconut & Lime Pepitas, $4

Nuts are just nuts, right? Meaning, they all pretty much look the same—almonds look like almonds, walnuts like other walnuts, it’s all rather foolproof and identical. Unless you want to shake things up (which, like, you do, right?). Turn to these tangy, addicting, beautifully colored (thanks, turmeric!) pepitas to proudly display in your favorite bowl.

Aida Sourdough Crackers, $9

Who knew crackers could be so chic (and nutritionally elevated)? Aida did, as they’re proving with their back-to-the-basics blends, from sourdough and rye crackers made from just a handful of ingredients, or pecan and pepitas mixes that are anything but basic. All with graphic packaging so cool, you’ll want it to be seen.

Oh, and if you happen to live or find yourself in either LA or NY, there is a market specializing in healthy, very chic, indie foods—The Goods Mart. It’s like the modern version of a 7/11 but filled entirely with healthy, delicious foods—all in the convenience of foods on the go but with a mindful, healthful update. The LA location is in Silverlake, and the NY location is about to launch in October.

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