3 Design Tips You Should Always Implement in a Nursery

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Nursery design tips: Yeah, we’ve got those covered. Because if you know us even a little bit, you know that nurseries are one of our favorite design challenges. Sorry living rooms! From balancing fun and function to living up to a parent-to-be’s design vision, every nursery design project is unique.

Tip 1: Design For Light Control

If your newest family member complains about the nursery’s design in their first few months, please give us a call—we’d love to meet them! But chances are, your kiddo will be oblivious to your decor choices. They will, however, notice those pesky rays of light disturbing their naps. Ann’s nursery uses whimsical interior window shutters to control light. But curtains with a blackout liner could work just as well.

Step 2: Design Outside The Box

You’re going to spend a heckuva lot of time in this room. Don’t feel like you have to play it safe in every aspect of your nursery design. Those long hours in the glider or rocker will be that much easier when you’ve got something pretty to look at.

We love how Ann added visual interest and texture to the space with a bold tree-patterned wallpaper and tree stump table lamp. While these hints of nature might not necessarily be your thing, a

wallpaper accent

wall or unique decor choice could be just the thing you need to bring a sense of excitement to your space.

Tip 3: Everything Is Storage!

You can never design too much storage into any space, especially a nursery! Can you spot three of the clever storage elements designed into this gorgeous nursery?

  • Wainscoting Shelves – these splendidly elevated shelves are the perfect place to store toys, books and other nursery essentials in a spot that’s out of your direct line of sight.
  • Suitcase Decor – storing items like diapers, baby wipes, cables and chargers for various nursery tech in a clever piece of functional decor will keep your nursery from feeling cluttered.
  • Dresser & Changing Table Combo – Traditional changing tables are out, multi-purpose storage solutions are in!

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