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Hannah Bronfman Buys Her Indestructible Outdoor Umbrellas From This Source

When did hardware stores get so chic?
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When you think of Lowe’s, images of aisles filled with lumber and power tools probably come to mind. But as DJ, author, and wellness influencer Hannah Bronfman proves, the hardware store has an alarming amount of chic outdoor (and indoor!) furniture. “I’ve been a Lowe’s customer for a long time, because I went to Bard, where I studied fine art,” she says. “But I was pleasantly surprised to see the store break into home furnishings.”

Since then she’s outfitted her entire Hamptons, New York, backyard with calming colors and zen picks from the outlet: a wicker daybed for reading books to her son, a bar cart for hosting friends, heavy-duty outdoor umbrellas for blocking the sun, and woven planters for her burgeoning garden.

“The pots and planters have completely transformed our property, especially our outdoor deck,” she says. “We have been planting some lavender and other herbs because they not only smell delicious but also look good.” 

Though the result looks effortless, Bronfman says there’s a method to keep her neutral-toned picks from appearing like a blob of beige. When working within a tight palette, she suggests adding different materials to create dimension. “It’s important to play with textures,” she says, such as marble accessories with a sisal rug, plus a metal table for a dose of shine. And thankfully, shopping for them all in one place makes it an easy endeavor. Then when it’s all put together, she sits back and relaxes in her chill backyard haven. 

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