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Running on just a few hours of sleep a night, a new mother should make her surroundings as comfortable as possible, so when the baby takes a nap, she can relax just about anywhere. Gift these cozy pillows to make her couch a luxurious spot to rest.

Give the gift of scent with this BRIKA lotion and hand soap that will make any new mother’s skin feel and smell fresh the rest of the day.

Every new mother deserves at least a few moments of relaxation. Give her the opportunity to relax with a lightly scented bubble bath — she is sure to enjoy it, even if it’s just for ten minutes.

Satisfy a new mother’s sweet tooth with these ultra indulgent macarons. The chocolate lover’s box includes red velvet, chocolate molten, and s’mores flavored treats that are just too delicious not to satisfy.

Every new mother needs a diaper bag to carry around her newborn’s necessities. Often overlooked as a gift, diaper bags will always make a huge difference when it comes to an infant outing. Make her life easier with a stylish pink duffle that she won’t mind taking with her on excursions with her baby.

Having a baby means almost always having your hands full. Give the gift of a useful (and attractive) phone holder to keep a new mother’s hands free while taking care of her child. The best part about this gift — other than the dual use as a vase — is that the cables are completely hidden from view.

A new mother would appreciate a celebratory champagne flute — assuming a (large) bottle of liquor accompanied it. Celebrate the new life she brought in the world with this stunning glass.

Aroma therapy can do wonders for a person’s sanity. This candle will have a new mother’s home smelling of fresh roses, plums, and apricots in no time — hopefully relaxing her as she tends to her newborn.

Sometimes, a mom just wants to stay all day in her pajamas, and that is totally okay! Give her some stylish pjs to wear around the house that she can look and feel good in all day long.

If you really want to go all out for the new mother in your life, buy her a comfortable chair that she can cuddle her infant in — or take a quick nap.

De-stressing at the end of a long day is of the upmost importance for a new mom. Since coloring has become a proven way to cope with stress, give her a coloring book made for adults. And, don’t forget the colored pencils!

New mothers will almost always appreciate gifts for their child, especially if they’re educational. These adorable art cards will have their baby learning new words in no time.

A thoughtful gift for a new mother is a petite decoration for their child’s nursery. We recommend this sheep mobile to entertain a small child while they fall asleep.

A portable changing pad will change a new mother’s life. We’re serious. No one wants to change a baby on a gross restaurant changing table. Plus, the size and mobility of this changing pad will make it easier for new moms to change their baby almost anywhere — perfect for emergencies.

A new mother can NEVER have too many baby blankets, especially super soft ones.