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We’ve said it before–we’re expecting innovative changes in 2016. More specifically, do-able changes. Changes that make sense for your space, budget, and lifestyle. Formica® Brand Laminate is a frontrunner when it comes to accomplishing all of these style goals. The era of overwhelming decor undertakings is over. This is the year we actually do things. We could talk about it all day (seriously, don’t get us started on all of these patterns), but we’d rather show you. Read on for 12 Formica moments that delighted us, and got us thinking a lot about what’s next. First up…

The Minimalist Kitchen

This is a person who has stopped just loving the marble trend, and started living it. Cutting cost and instilling a sense of stylish practicality in the kitchen, the use of 180fx® by Formica Group here adds interest to a space that wants to appear streamlined, but chic too.

The Fierce Freelancer

Working from home can get dull, and void of inspiration. It’s important to create a workspace that inspires you, and represents your professional self, where the rest of your space might speak more to cozy home comforts. The lively colors and patterns available in the Formica® Laminate Jonathan Adler Collection (this one included!) is just an added bonus.

The All-Purpose Place

The kitchen island is essentially the epicenter of the household. You will feel as comfortable hosting guests here as you do helping with homework. Calacatta Marble by Formica Laminate is a must-try neutral, and this kitchen is living proof of how well it works.

The Haute Hostess

This versatile selection functions beautifully when you’re trying a new recipe, but also transitions into a hosting hub for wine and cheese night without missing a beat. Pull up a barstool or two, pop a bottle of red, and call it an evening well spent.

The Little Secret

It’s not wood! Looks like it, Instagrams like it, but won’t give you splinters or take months to prep for in-home use. No one needs to know you didn’t reclaim this from a barn in upstate wherever.

The Coveted Kitchen

Prepare for compliments, and lots of them. That cooking class you’re hosting next week may find it hard to compete for attention with a backdrop like this. (Psst! This countertop is Formica Laminate Carrara Bianco with IdealEdge®, we know you’re curious).

The Fun One

You don’t have to treat these laminate surfaces with kid gloves. (Get it?) Thanks to EliteForm, there’s plenty of durability to tackle homework, science projects, and all the glitter the kids can find in the craft bucket.

The Gorgeous Guest Bath

Some guest bathrooms are afterthoughts, doomed to a life of collecting extra bath products and mismatched towels. Not this bath. It’s the perfectly polished place for guests to feel relaxed and at home.

The Spill-Prone Sideboard

A dependable countertop is a must, especially when it comes to the little ones and their culinary adventures. We always thought those spaces had to be not-cute, in order to be durable and functional. We were wrong.

The Celebrity Kitchen

Cooking for Gwyneth Paltrow, are we? You certainly could, with countertops this impressive. Creating a space that looks like it could be in pictures honestly doesn’t have to cost a fortune, a common misconception that laminate from Formica® Brand is laying to rest.

The Actually Cute Laundry Room

Are your washer and dryer currently living in a scary, dungeon-like closet full of spare light bulbs and old grocery bags? A little help from Formica laminate (and some pin-worthy organization skills) and this space turns into a room you stop skipping on the tour when guests come over.

The Farm-To-Table Table

If “rustic” only sounds good to you in theory, this is the laminate for you. Evoke a sense of the outdoors, without like..bugs and stuff. We can’t wait to see the tablescapes you come up with atop a finish like this. Make sure to Instagram them with our #SOdomino hashtag, we want to see what you create!