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Vibrant shades and pretty florals for spring might not come as news, but Farrow & Ball’s latest wallpaper collection has us convinced that cool hues, romantic details, and dramatic color combinations can turn a tired trend on its head. Collectively designed by the British paint and wallpaper maker’s leading color experts from across the world, the company’s striking new line (dubbed The Reimagined Collection) serves as a bold reinterpretation of three of the brand’s most popular wallpapers: Wisteria, Lotus, and Block Print Stripe.

“There is a nice mix of bright, fun color combinations, which add some vibrancy to our current line of papers, as well as some moody, vibey dark colorways. They feel very on-trend, yet timeless,” says Michelle Aberizk, color consultant at Farrow & Ball LA.

In keeping with the same sentiment that informed the company’s bold fall wallpaper collection, the globally-inspired revival focuses on movement, maximalism, and modern color pairings.

Inspired by the detail and theatricality of the arts and crafts movement, the first of the updated prints, Lotus, has been reinterpreted anew in an array of powerful colors and rich combinations. Equally moody and graphic in nature, the three new schemes will introduce an air of drama and sophistication to any blank space (large or small) that they intend to fill.

“If you’re someone who hasn’t used a lot of wallpaper before, and you feel a bit less comfortable using bright colors and bold patterns, the best place to start would be the powder room or closet, as you don’t spend lots of time here,” Aberizk tells Domino.

The eeriest of them all, the Off-Black and Brinjal combo (above), with its dark red tones and stark black backdrop, will make the most unexpected of statements when displayed in the dining room, or within the confines of a quiet reading nook.

But for those looking to impart their space with a more joyous tone, the eye-catching print also comes in a happier green combination, as well as a classic black and cream pairing.

And of course, it wouldn’t be spring without a little botanical fun. A renewed twist on the brand’s traditional floral design, Wisteria is now available in three new vivid iterations. Bright, airy, and feminine, the Churlish Green and Light Blue combo (reimagined by Solihull color consultant Emily Harrold) effortlessly embodies the warmth and whimsy of the classic English floral. The pattern’s inherent trailing design and blossoming movement becomes even more apparent, however, in the black, copper, and blue revival (below). 

The beloved Wisteria pattern is also available in a sumptuous red and gray contrast—a perfect fit for a once-simple bedroom or inside a wardrobe. While the seemingly traditional print takes inspiration from 19th-century silk woven jacquards, Farrow & Ball’s colorful interpretations are fitting for any mod space—whether that’s a contemporary English countryside abode or tiny NYC apartment.

Loved for its timeless appeal and basic elegance, their Block Print Stripe—reworked in a variation of striking greens, light greys, and yellows—will complement just about any aesthetic, and add instant depth to a room. Design enthusiasts who like to defy the norm should also remember that striped wallpaper doesn’t have to be displayed the traditional way.

“If you want a really unexpected and graphic twist on a classic pattern, hang striped wallpaper horizontally,” suggests Aberizk. “Get experimental, and have a special space to impress your guests.”

“I personally was naturally drawn to our rich greens,” says Aberizk. “Studio Green reminded me of the deep green seen throughout Europe on the doors and trim, but also feels appropriate to the California concept of indoor-outdoor architecture, which embraces nature and the openness of the outdoors.”

While much milder in presence than its sunny yellow and upbeat blue counterparts, the Studio Green and Light Gray versions (above) still bring a fun, yet refined aura to otherwise neutral spaces.

All of the wallpaper is $285 per roll. Each design is coated carefully with Farrow & Ball’s formulated glaze to ensure the wallpaper is both stain-resistant and wipeable. The collection, which officially launched on February 8, is exclusively available to purchase from Farrow & Ball showrooms, stockists, and online at us.farrow-ball.com.

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