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The mayhem of fashion week around the world may have come to a close, but that doesn’t mean the fashionable trends we saw on runways from city to city are ready to be put to rest. While our wardrobes always welcome a boost in style, we can’t forget to show our interiors some love too. Luckily for us, there are countless ways that we can incorporate those flawless trends into our homes and happy places.

Much like our closets, our homes are clean slates for us to layer and add depth to. While not all of the looks that we saw will necessarily make their ways into our homes, there are still plenty that can easily be added to make your living room a style maven’s sanctuary.


Let’s start with an approachable look that anybody can tackle. Fringe! Whether you are committed to the boho look of fringed suede or you’re a newbie starting out with some tassels, you can easily add this element into your living space. From rugs to pillows and wall hangings, you’ll be able to find a way to rock this edgy look. The best part about this trend is that it always seems to come back into the rotation, especially since bohemian inspired interiors are not dwindling away. Translation; don’t worry about spending the money on quality textiles. These warm goods will always find a way back into your interior getup.


Faux Fur

With the temperature dropping and the sun shining less and less, it’s only fair to start adding plush elements and textures into your abode. From their warming, physical aesthetic to their added levels of comfort, it’s always nice to welcome faux fur into your atmosphere. You can make bold statements like those seen on the runways and go for uniquely dyed neon furs to really make your new items stick out. If you’re a fan of the classics, there’s no shame in sticking to the neutrals! The creams, grays and blacks are all still ready to play this fall.


For those of you that remember your elementary school glory years of rocking chenille frocks in the fall, you’re not alone. The best news? It’s back! The even better news? It’s back for your home as well. With the overwhelming resurgence of 90’s flair not disappearing, it makes sense that we give a warm hello to this underrated material. The thick, loose knit composition lends itself well as an accent in almost any situation. Along with its dense weave, the sheen of the fabric allows you to spruce up any lackluster nook or cranny. Say “see ya” to boring corners of couches faster than you can say chenille!


Bomber jackets and crew neck sweatshirts are adorned with this material for chilly autumn temps and your home can be, too. From current day settes from modern retailers to the likes of Milo Baughman chairs, velvet furniture screams opulence. Despite the fact that it has been in the rotation for quite some time now, this ultra soft fabric is having a major moment in all areas. Grab some velvet- whether it’s a sofa, pillows or an ottoman and bring it on home. Velvet furniture also goes remarkably well when paired with overdyed Persian rugs so don’t miss out on this timeless decor option.

Graphic Prints

There was a moment from 2005-2007 where graphic tees were all the rage, but their overwhelming popularity somewhat died down in the years that followed.. Rest assured that clothes with phrases, images, patterns and logos sprawled across them are back in full swing.  Don your walls with print art or sport some text friendly pillows to add pops of your personality throughout your home. Doormats aren’t the only decor option that get to have a welcome message on them anymore!


Burnt Sienna

We’ve touched upon a lot of specific materials and styles, but let’s pay some homage to colors real quick. Specifically burnt sienna this time. This deep orange is often on the bench rather than up at the plate, but this season it’s MVP. Turtlenecks and cropped palazzo pants in this hue were modeled on repeat, and it will soon be showcased in your home too. The colors of autumn are second to none, so why not let those leafy colors into your home? Afterall, people travel all around to peep them. Easily peep them in your apartment instead!


From Barbie dream houses to cult classic Valley of the Dolls, silk has been a favorite amongst the glamorous for as long as we can remember. Silk wide legged trousers and menswear button downs have graced the pages of the top fashion magazines, and now can grace your furniture as well. This delicate fabric runs the risk of getting snags and pulls easily, so perhaps skip this one of if you have young children or pets. Feminine pillows and accent seats are the perfect way to slip this silk into your home style to transport you into a Parisian romance.


If Ross’s leather pants fiasco on Friends has taught us anything, it’s that leather is hip and you must proceed with caution. Leather doesn’t come cheap, so be prepared to make this trend an investment piece. Does leather furniture ever get tired though? We think not! Couches, chairs, coffee tables, desks- the list goes on and on. While leather comes in a variety of colors, we’re big fans of cognac and brindle. These masculine pieces ground the overall look of a room and add an heir of sophistication that may have been lacking before.