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We think of “grown up” apartments as those that feel the most complete, put-together, and stylish. If you’re getting there, but need a little help crossing the finish line, we know the feeling. It’s actually not that hard, and completeness can even be found with just a piece or two (when they’re the right pieces, of course). Here, shop 12 items from Ethan Allen’s new Brooklyn look that aren’t trying to be grown up, they just are.

The Real Desk Desk

Anyone who sits down at this desk came to work. We’re not talking thank you notes or DIY projects, we’re talking work. This is a crossing off your to-do list, boss-impressing, in-the-zone work desk at its finest. And it’s got plenty of industrial beauty, while we’re at it.

Tompkins Desk

The Cool Dad Chair

The dad that owns this chair doesn’t coach little league, he teaches guitar lessons. To the whole neighborhood. Where dads of decades past sat down in a claimed chair to spend hours with a newspaper, this dad is more into Netflix. We like this dad. He has good taste in chairs.

Dean Leather Chair & Dean Leather Ottoman

The Serving (Not Just Bar) Cart

This may sound shocking, but there’s more to life than cocktails. There are holiday desserts, dinner party appetizers, and brunch pastries that want to be served on a cool cart, too, okay? Elevate your dining area decor with the addition of a multi-use cart that will add to your entertaining abilities, and delight you as a smart sideboard all the other days of the year.

Beam Serving Cart

The Pillow Scheme

It’s time you start caring a little more about throw pillows. Your couch doesn’t want to be naked, nor does it want to wear the equivalent of your old yoga pants. It wants an outfit it can be proud of. Mix textures, prints, and shapes to give your couch a complete look, because one sad little square just won’t do.

Brooklyn Bridge Block-Printed Pillow and Brown Worn Leather Pillow

The Bare Wall Banisher

At a certain point, bare walls will start to look weird to you. Embrace this. Do something about this. Rather than stress over the perfect

gallery wall

plan, try a piece of statement art that will get you to the complete room look you crave, quickly.

The Boxer

The Blanket You Don’t Hide

We’ve all got the old standby blanket hidden inside an ottoman or oversized basket where we hope nobody will see it. It’s seen many a Bravo marathon, but it’s been with you since college. Graduate to a throw that adds to the room, even when it’s not keeping you warm.

Cross Cable Knit Throw, Gray

The Ignored Item Who Wants To Hang Out With You

We can’t stress end tables enough. Often overlooked in small spaces as frivolous uses of square footage, the end table is one of the hardest working pieces of furniture in a home. Even if there’s truly only enough space for one, you’ll never regret this smart surface, and your space will look more sophisticated for it.

Adelin Accent Table

The Non-Vintage Essential

Everyone loves their quirky vintage dresser, but at some point we all have to admit that fighting drawers to get them open OR closed no longer has a place in our lives or bedrooms. Take your bedroom storage to smarter heights with a true wardrobe workhorse with high style.

Merrick Dresser

The Storage Space That Can Be A Total Mess Without Anyone Knowing It

Similarly to a dresser, you need storage solutions that work hard, even when your organization skills can’t. Wrapping paper, DIY supplies, last year’s tax return, who knows what’s in here? The point is…no one, because this chest is awesome. And cool. And you know you just can’t wait to style the top of it…

Bergen Chest

The Intentional Light

We’re too cool, too smart, and too adult for

overhead lighting

It’s true. Your lighting game can strengthen the style of your entire space, when done right. For example, a pair of these desk lamps in a bedroom (or even…you know, on a desk), will offer the functionality of focused lighting, and the visual notion that you’ve got your act together.

Loretta Desk Lamp

The Cool Thing

The ultimate mark of a grown up apartment might be the thing you don’t need, but want. Call it a conversation piece, call it the artistic item your entryway was missing. Either way, you think it’s cool, and you want to bring it home. So do we.

Vintage Maps

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