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Making your own home is a task at any age, but in your twenties? Even harder. Renting year after year with a budget as small as your space makes for some interesting decor. Keep reading for our list of impressive buys—if you have a few, you’re on the right track.

Switching out your terrible,

overhead lighting

is allowed, but there’s a reason not everyone does it. You’ll most likely need to hire a professional for help and if you’re renting, switch it back when you move out.

Bargain sheets are great, but having multiple sets for the seasons and investing in real quality designs is a decision not everyone makes.

Once you ditch your bargain, mismatched, hand-me-down silverware, you know you’ve made it.

It doesn’t matter your price point or how many pieces you have in your budding art collection, as long as you’ve made the effort to start one!

In a world where bed frames and headboards are optional, and under the bed storage is a necessity, a chic modern frame is a luxury. Props if you’ve added this piece to your collection already.

A decorative tray for your coffee table, breakfast in bed, and various entertaining needs is a decor must-have.

A bar cart is a modern day necessity when it comes to entertaining. Purchasing one is an event to remember.

You need throw pillows for your sofas, bed, accent seating, and more, which can seriously add up. Displaying an array of stylish pillows shows you know what’s up.

Let’s face it, rugs are expensive. Especially larger area rugs. If investing so much into something you’ll be laying on the floor makes you nervous, start small with a cute runner.

(Psst, we have a guide to help you find the perfect rug!)

Having a patio, balcony, or outdoor space in your twenties is impressive—but one large enough to hold an entire patio set? That’s SUPER impressive.

Bakers everywhere dream of one day having their own Kitchen Aid mixer. If you’ve achieved this dream, know we’re very happy for you.

Adding green to your home has never been trendier. Not only do plants add style and flair to your space, but they also come with certain health benefits. Take your plant buying one step further and accessorize with cool planters and vessels.

Cheese boards photograph nicely and display cheese, which is half the reason twenty-somethings attend gatherings. Owning one shows you love cheese and your guests.

There’s something so special about entertaining friends and family around a real (not folding) table in your own home.

We’re not talking IKEA, here (though we do love their affordable, on-trend designs!). Investing in your very own grownup sofa shows you’re serious about your home and committed to caring for your decor for years to come.

Wallpaper is a serious commitment, so if you’re living somewhere long enough to add pattern to your walls, color us impressed. Particularly if the wallpaper is this colorful.

The plug-in type, of course. Because sometimes, a sconce beats a bedside table lamp.

Your twenties are often accompanied by small space living conditions, so accent seating isn’t always a priority—or even possible. Adding a cool chair to your furniture collection is a sign you’re moving up! (And willing to part with floor space).

Napkins and table cloths definitely aren’t the bare necessities of living, which makes having real table linens an impressive feat.

Doesn’t everyone dream of the perfect bench for an already existing entryway nook? (Or a larger entryway expanse, like in this home we love.)

You need a coffee table for all of your coffee table books, right? Is an Instagram account without a well-styled coffee table photo every now and then really an Instagram account at all? We think not.

Decanting your liquors and wines isn’t required, but you’ll definitely look cool doing it. And placed atop your already chic bar cart? Now that’s what we’re talking about!