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Charcuterie Night

Wine, cheese, and friends have the something in common—they all grow better with age. (It’s cheesy…we know.)

What you’ll need: several cheese boards and vessels for nuts, spreads, and pickled goods. What to prep: a heavy selection of cheeses, cured meats, fruit, and spreads. What guests should bring: their favorite bottle of wine and a cheese pairing.

Land, Sea, Air

Host a cozy evening featuring meats from land, sea, and air.

What you’ll need: several size trays, a salad bowl, and a pitcher for large-batch cocktails. What to prep: a batch of fresh fruit sangria and a light arugula salad that will pair well with each meat selection. What guests should bring: tiny beef tenderloin sandwiches with horseradish mayo, a smoked salmon platter or salmon crepes, and bacon-wrapped duck poppers.

Winter Blues

When it’s the dead of winter and you’re all yearning for spring, host a party to, well, whine about it. Dress code: your best blue duds.

What you’ll need: all things blue. What to prep: a variety of blue-hued cocktails, including the Gun Metal Blue, a mezcal-brandy-blue curacao concoction from Danny Meyer’s Porchlight.   What guests should bring: bone-warming appetizers.


Cap off a stressful workweek with a dinner party featuring chips and dips-—exclusively. (Who doesn’t love dipping and chipping?)

What you’ll need: bowls, bowls, all types of bowls—Back Home Ballers style. What to prep: a savory dip, and stock up on extra chips and crackers so you don’t run low. What guests should bring: their favorite, sinfully delicious dip. And please, no crudite allowed.

DIY Pizza Party

Prep the essentials, and let your friends do the rest. Who doesn’t love a personalized pizza?

What you’ll need: rolling pin, pizza peel, vessels for toppings, and lots of spreaders. What to prep: fresh pizza dough, rolled and measured in 8-inch rounds, and the essentials: homemade marinara sauce, seasonings, and variety of fresh cheeses. What guests should bring: their go-to pizza toppings, including meat, veggies, pineapple, or even something sweet for a dessert variation.