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emily henderson Instagram takeover!

The interior designer and stylist (plus mom to one very adorable boy!) talks vintage treasures, timeless color combos, and channeling her inner tween. Take a look!

“I made that pillow 12 years ago from a thrifted vintage curtain that could be described as “something my grandma is too cool for”. My taste has changed a lot over the years but my love of vintage florals remains un-abashadly strong. So here’s a decor tip for you: Florals say ‘Spring’ instantly – invite them into your home and you will be a happier person. Guaranteed.”

“I have little shame of my love of blue. Blue is the Student Body President of bright colors after all – reliable, works well with others and beloved by everyone. It does the job of bringing in some Spring happiness (like in these pillows), but is a tad less risky and more timeless than painting your bedroom walls tangerine.”


“When I was 7 I bought a baby pink sweatsuit with my piano practice money and loved it more than I ever thought I could love anything else. One day I decided to iron out its surely unnoticeable wrinkles and left the hot iron on it to burn a huge triangle into the thigh. It was devastating. To celebrate pastels reemergence I have a Spring decor tip for you: Channel your inner 80’s tween and embrace your love of lighter colors, because pastels are for grown-ups too, now, baby.”

“Little hits of big color can quickly wake up a home. It’s like your boring friend taking a shot of RedBull – she’s not annoyingly aggressive, just a little amped up for a while in a good way.”

“Just when Brian thought that he had one room that didn’t have too much femininity in it, I go and put a crazy vintage bird themed pillow on our bed. I told him that the bird was a hawk and it could transform into a superhero, to save our city from the grasps of evil. Chris Pratt is playing him in the movie. It’s coming out next spring … He’s skeptical but more interested.”

Happiness is a bright rug runner that leads you to your bedroom where your little black cat awaits to nuzzle your chin aggressively even though you are allergic to her and you will probably get an unsightly rash. Another spring decor tip: colorful textiles (and cuddly pets) brighten up your home.