By Michelle Gage

Published on January 6, 2016

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Photography by THE PINK PAGODA

by Michelle Gage

Blue and white accents balance beautifully against this vintage wooden dresser. An arrangement that plays with scale is one that is sure to sing atop your wardrobe.

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A deep charcoal wall is the perfect backdrop for this stunning starburst mirror. Neatly hang your jewelry on the adjacent wall and highlight your favorite piece by laying it neatly over the neck of a vintage bust.

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Photography by SHOPSTYLE

Create a cohesive color story by taking cues from your favorite artwork. Bright blooms match this abstract painting perfectly.

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Photography by FOR CHIC SAKE

Let this hot pink campaign piece be the star of the show. By selecting only a few supporting accents, you let the dresser’s details shine through.

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Photography by EMMASVINTAGE.SE

Accessorize your vintage dresser with flea market finds. Antique glass bottles and tins make this a story of romance and whimsy.

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Photography by THE EVERYGIRL

Create a curated gallery wall above your bedroom dresser. Pull together both prints and photographs to create a truly collected look.

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Photography by DOMAINE

Let this loud wallpaper lead this look in style. Pull colors out from this splashy background when choosing objects to decorate your dresser.

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Photography by BUZZFEED

For a clean and natural look, choose your decor carefully. Vintage books and a single ferns give this piece a relaxed vibe.

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For a feminine vibe, gather some old ornate frames and paint them the same color. To take it one step further, drape pearls over a glass bowl, sitting on top of stacked books.

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Photography by HOUSE OF HIPSTERS

A simple white wall and dresser need a little kick to make this space pop. Choose graphic elements with clean lines for a fresh feel.

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Photography by POPSUGAR

Ethereal elements of this sweet space include a blossom velvet side chair, a whitewashed mirror and a heap of hydrangeas. Together, they create a thoughtfully arranged vignette.

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A terrifically teal dresser tucks neatly into this nook. An elegant pendant above shines down on this standout piece.

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Photography by TUMBLR

Mixed materials make this dresser the talk of the town. Bringing in marble and the trend-right metal, copper, make for an eclectically styled surface.

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Photography by ISSUU

This room just roars with womanhood! Leopard print, hot pink, and fresh florals come together to make this room one that any lady would love.

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Photography by EMILY HENDERSON

The absence of color here is what makes this space so striking. Moody blacks and wishful whites lead your eye to the most captivating pieces.

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