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Meredith Graves is an MTV News correspondent and founding member of The Wing in NYC.  

My current color crush …

quartz: quartz crystals, Glossier highlighter, little envelopes I’m turning into business cards.

The space I would move into tomorrow …



I learned

[how to be a good listener]


[Amy Rose Spiegel] … (and how to be a good talker from my mom!)

Song that best describes me …

it’s been this song since the day I heard it!

My go-to dish/drink to make when guests are coming in an hour …

Bowls of stuff! Cook a pot of quinoa, another of beans or lentils, then cut up every vegetable you’ve got. Turn half into salad, and steam the other half. Throw it all in a bowl with oil and apple cider vinegar, nuts, seeds, and dried fruit.


Advice to my 2017 self …

Keep asking, “does this feel easy?” Clenching your jaw, tensing your muscles, posture, straining your eyes on screens or by not wearing your glasses—little unconscious things like that can mess up your world. Becoming aware of it by slowing down and paying attention to the way you walk, and sit, and hold a pen, and figuring out whether or not what you’re doing actually supports your body can be kind of mindblowing. We put ourselves through a lot every day. The smallest ways we take care of ourselves can really be the most significant.