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My current color crush …

what I will refer to fondly as golden-eye brown.

The space I would move into tomorrow …

Totokaelo Soho store. I mean, I would obviously bathe in their clothes, but it’s one of my favorite spaces due to the skylights, the dimensions, and an excellent plant game. GOALS. ALL OF THE GOALS.

I learned

[how to fiercely and unapologetically be myself]


[Grace Jones]

Not just in pictures but in her interviews and how she carries herself. Her honesty is contagious, and her ability to speak her mind with conviction and confidence made me see that I should never shy away from myself.

Song that best describes me … 

This is a throwback, but “Video” by India Arie.

My go-to dish/drink to make when guests are coming in an hour …

salmon Picatta. It’s all about the capers.

My wish for women going forward … 

Grieve, but don’t go silent. Heal, but don’t give into complacency. It’s not in our DNA to “let it go,” and we’re not going to start now. We still have a sh*t ton of work to do.