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I’ve been seeing a new product around lately—a framing kit for posters like the one in this post. You’ve probably seen them around, too. The framing kits found in stores often involve adhering the dowel halves directly to the poster, which means, when you try to take it apart, it ruins the poster. Essentially, it’s a one-time thing. This DIY project lets you re-use the frame while protecting the poster—making it completely interchangeable.

You will need:

Two dowel halves cut to 26″ (or desired length) Note: We had the hardest time finding halves, so we bought four quarter dowels and used wood glue to adhere them together into halves.

Strong magnets that are smaller than your dowel

hot glue gun


Using the glue gun, attach two magnets to the flat side of one dowel half on either end (making sure the magnets are closer to each other than your poster is wide). Repeat this step to attach the magnets to the other dowel half, and sandwich one end of a section of twine (mine is approximately 12″) in the glue, between the magnet and the dowel. Let the glue cool completely.

To hang your poster, simply pin it between the magnets on the dowel rods and other magnets behind the paper.

This poster is hanging in our kitchen now. I love knowing we can switch it out any time we like.

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