Styled by Julia Stevens

Photography by Belle Morizio

Published on February 7, 2021

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We’ve come a long way since the Rabbit. Nowadays sex toys are—and we never thought we’d say this—certifiably chic. From smooth pebbles made from medical-grade silicone in on-trend pastel shades (no hot pink here!) to energy-altering crystal wands, there’s no use hiding these guys in a drawer. Today’s toys were meant to be put on display.

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Aer Suction Toy, Dame ($95).

In fact, that’s exactly how some brands intended it. “We want to design for a world where vibrators aren’t something you just give as a gag gift,” says Alexandra Fine, cofounder and CEO of Dame, a line of millennial-hued vibrators and accessories designed via 3-D-printer in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. “It should feel great to buy a vibrator for yourself, your friends, or your partners—and you should be able to buy something that will both work well and look good on your nightstand.”

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From top: Vibe Personal Massager, Maude ($45); Kushi Vibrator, Iroha ($110).

Some of today’s offerings don’t look even look like typical sex toys, meaning no one will bat an eyelash when spotting one in your home. But don’t be mistaken: Sex positivity isn’t about concealing your vibes or tricking visitors into thinking they’re actually seashells or an art object. Instead it’s about proudly putting your pleasure on display. And if your roommate or cleaning lady happens to admire your new bedside companion, so be it.

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From left: Bean Vibrator, Unbound ($36); Mimi Clitoral Vibrator, Je Joue ($89); Frenchman Vibrator, Smile Makers ($55).

Beyond admiring toys for their beauty, there’s also an apparent connection between home decor and getting hot and bothered. A recent survey of more than 2,300 couples found that 62 percent said building flat-pack furniture is their favorite DIY activity that leads to sex. So before you plan your next IKEA haul, make sure you’ve got one of these to set atop your Nordisa nightstand. Here are our favorite design-forward picks—good vibes only. 

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