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While we do love rosé for sipping, there are other ways to enjoy the hue. Not much on pink decor? You will be once you drink in these rose quartz touches for home. Think how brooding this space would be without those rosy copper pendant lights. Bring out pinkish tones in the artwork this way, too.

picture this

How stunning is this bathroom set up? Yummy marble backdrop meets dark modern cabinetry–super appealing. Touches of rose gold copper (even on vanity legs!) seal the deal.

warm and rosy

What to do with that bare wall above your kitchen backsplash? How about a moody rose tinged wall? Upper cabinets won’t be missed when you are greeted with this beauty. It is a perfect companion to copper and brass finishes.

pink fling

Can’t commit to a lot of rose? Try working it into a smaller space, like behind a few shelves. This muted pink looks smashing with deep grey.

scene stealing blush

What livens up a stark area like a bold color? Pink can be bold even in a muted tone. Just look how this creamy blush sofa steals the show.

something to talk about

Rose gold light fixtures are impossible to ignore when they’re this stunning. So big and beautiful, you hardly notice the pink tinted wall in the background. Baubles with this much impact say it all.

bathroom blush

A pink bath is nothing new, but the cotton candy hued clawfoot tub certainly gets your attention. Any accessories are all white, to keep the focus where it belongs.

so suite

This French-inspired living room has a lot of rosiness going on. Using warm tones and a variety of shades keeps the space modern and neutral.

make white pop

A pure white kitchen (we are talking cabinets, backsplash, and countertops) comes to life with teensy touches of pink and a big shout out with rose gold pendants. Definitely the gathering point in this home.

outside flush

Pink exterior may seem radical. This super soft tint adds interest without being too much. Like a slightly rosy white.

temporary tint

Not sure this whole love of rosé thing is going to last? Go for low commitment color by painting a piece of furniture in a rosy hue. This antique hutch showcases pretty dishes while looking pretty in pink.

rosy rug

Possibly the quickest, easiest way to get in on the pink trend? Throw down a rosé rug. This one goes perfectly with the natural woods.

sweet spot

This sweet little boudoir plays up exposed piping with metals and tone to match. And, of course, pink walls are the only choice.

rare rouge

This look isn’t exactly taking up space on every block. If you love your pinks and funky shapes, this is definitely a design you want to get in on.

blushing backdrop

Looking for one little bit of real estate to pink up? A patio wall does nicely, especially when serving as the backdrop for vibrant green.

saturated stripes

If you are looking to make a bold statement over your love of rosé, something like this will do the trick. A few strokes of watermelon pink on walls look city chic.

take it outside

A couple of pretty in pink lounge chairs look sweet by any pool. Doze after a dip with a glass of rosé nearby.

wardrobe awash

A neutral pink looks perfect on this vintage wardrobe. Coppery accents are the pièce de résistance.

soft touch

This scene is bold, for sure. Doesn’t take a lot of pink to soften up any look. Artwork is an ideal way to introduce new color to a space.

speaks for itself

The is the kind of room that has its own Instagram account.

standout act

For a pink that calls all the shots, don’t hold back. Look at how these fluffy, fuzzy rosy chairs beat out even a super graphic black and white element, and grab all the attention.

simply sweet

So simple. So sweet. These barely-there pink bookshelves add unexpected color and brightness to a white room. An idyllic backdrop for simple elements.

rose colored glossy

Never thought of pairing glossy rose

subway tile

with your copper faucet? Well, this designer did and it is absolute perfection.

rosy welcome

When dreaming up something new and different for a front door, blush is unexpected and totally current. How inviting is this dreamy entrance?

the in crowd

Pink holds its own amongst natural wood and neutral tones. Black and gold touches add oomph to this lofty look.

lush linens

The color of the year gets a rustic feel with these rose quartz pillows and blanket. Linen lends such a comfy, lived-in vibe.

eclectic charmer

This room is doing its own thing and getting it all right. Natural wood floors team with marble and copper for an eclectic, modern look. Wall in pink, of course.

phone it in

This old school telephone from Nordstrom is everything! And the copper finish will fit in nicely with any rosy color scheme.

rosé slumber

Like drifting off on a sunset sky. Choose different shades of muted pink bedding and pair with dusty neutrals. Off to dreamland.

workspace wonder

We want to work here! Black and white show off copper and gold design elements in the very best way. Modern and girly and totally smashing.

just a tinge

This may be the most divine shade of pink ever. So subtle it is barely noticeable, but works like a charm against darker rose touches.

bright beauty

Another off beat stunner. This bath incorporates smallish square marble tiles with a textured pink tone. Gold fixtures are the go-to.

tea party rosé

If you aren’t into the idea of putting pink on walls or installing copper fixtures, serve up some rosiness on your dinner table. Gold trimmed rose quartz plates are gorgeous but not too precious to use. The hit of any tea party.

isn’t it romantic

This bedroom gives off mad Old Hollywood vibe. The fur, the copper lighting, the artwork, the furniture…and then there’s the pink carpet. Swoon.

subtle rouge

This curvy little bath is so good decked out in small rosy tiles. Sleek, subtle, and so pristine.