decorating with leopard print

Go ahead and take a walk on the wild side—leopard is always a great choice!

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Check out gorgeous rooms decorated with exotic animal prints.

“I’ve never met a leopard print I didn’t like”—wise words from the legendary Diana Vreeland. When used in moderation—throw pillow or a pair of X benches—this pattern can be so impactful. Getting it right really depends on its scale, as well as what it’s paired with.

Jenna Lyons, another wise and stylish woman, has famously said, “As far as I’m concerned, leopard is a neutral,” and I couldn’t agree more. You can add a leopard accent to almost any color palette, and it will work. The same goes for mixing it with other patterns.

Opt for a leopard pattern in a sumptuous fabric, such as velvet or silk, so that it looks and feels luxurious. Because this print originates in nature, it’s important that the scale looks authentic. Also, skip the colorful incarnations and stick with its natural coloring.

But don’t be afraid to be a decorating daredevil. Test the limits on the “how much is too much?” debate.