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Does that happen to you: You wish and beg for summer all winter long, but once it arrives you’re cursing the heat? (Just me?) I suppose the grass is always greener (quite literally in the summer though). But don’t suffer in the heat and humidity and bug bites in silence—turns out there are plenty of things to do to stay cool for the summer. From skincare hacks to makeup tips to even sleeping tricks, here’s all you’ll need to keep your cool.

Wipe It

Not all wipes are created equal. Go a step above with a cooling wipe that incorporates peppermint into it, nature’s coolant. These individually wrapped wipes by MAAK Lab ($12 for 12) are not messing around. They are meant to feel like melting ice cubes on the skin, and they accomplish exactly that sensation with a strong concentration of Willamette Valley peppermint (and aloe vera and jojoba oil, too), which will give a slight analgesic cooling sensation followed by cleansed, cooled skin. Perfect for on the go, to both cool you down, and wipe away sweat.

Sleep Smarter

As we previously discovered, cotton is your friend come summer. We spoke with Adam Tishman, cofounder of sleep company Helix, who recommends choosing cotton sheets for summer because it’s breathable and promotes better airflow. “The higher the thread count, the hotter it is—so there’s no shame in breaking out your old, threadbare sheets for the summer,” he says. “When you’re picking PJs, cotton’s also best—choose something lightweight and loose so you’re comfortable and sweat isn’t sticking to your skin (or your mattress).”

Fridge It

A gel mask, like Renee Rouleau Rapid Response Detox Mask ($60.50), is already at a lower temperature than other masks, like a clay one. So, you’re already ahead of the game. But then take it one step further by either storing it in the fridge or putting it in there 20 minutes before use. It’ll feel great, but also reduce puffiness, too.

You can do this with your jade roller, eye masks, and eye creams, too.

Hair Spray

I mean, is there anything worse than blowing hot, hot heat onto your scalp when it’s boiling outside?! I think not. Avoid the blow dryer if you can, with this handy spray, IGK No More Blow High Speed Air Dry Spray ($29), that dramatically speeds up your wet hair’s air drying time. We’re big fans.

Fan It

Speaking of being a big fan, get a little, portable fan for those days when you need some cooling STAT. Say, at the beach or in the middle of L train platform while you wait 10 to forever minutes for the next one to come. Try a portable one that looks cool (and is cooling), like this mini powerhouse one for $15.90.

Ice, Ice Baby   Go old school and take out the cubes; ice does wonders for de-puffing your face, and especially around your eyes. I swear by using this in the a.m. after a long night or salty food.

Or take a cool shower. It sounds obvious but it can not only cool you down, but be especially great for your blood flow, and give a nice natural glow to skin.


I know, we sound like a broken record here, but use sunscreen. You know what will heat you up (physically and emotionally)? A sunburn. Avoid it by using sunscreen. Did you get a burn though? Store your aloe gel or aftersun gel, like Make Marine Salve ($20) in the fridge for relieving aftercare.

Set It

A setting spray, while not necessarily cooling, will prevent a total meltdown—makeup wise at least. I’m the number one fan of this spray, it keeps my makeup on, even in the heat of summer, all day long.

Cooling Eyes

Swelling is very real come summer. A cooling gel eye cream is super chill for early wake-up calls. Reviewers on Sephora love this eye cream by Clinique. Or test out Milk Makeup Cooling Water Serum ($14), which can de-puff and cool down redness and heat, but especially around your very sensitive eyes.

Cooling Foot Cream

Damn those feet and legs can swell up, right? HATCH Collection Down, Girl ($42) may be designed for pregnant women, but the rest of us can benefit from the cooling foot and leg cream, too. The anti-inflammatory cream reduces that painful swelling synonymous with summertime. Rub it on, either mid-day or end of day for a much-needed burst of cooling relief.

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