Get Rid of Your Blow Dryer For Good With This New Product

The smart spray will make your heat tools totally unnecessary.

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It’s 2018, people—why are we still attached at the hip to our blow dryer and curling iron? We can do better than this!

IGK, the cool, professional stylist-created hair care brand thinks so, too. Which is why No More Blow High Speed Air Dry Spray ($29) is your new best friend. The innovative spray (out today April 24) promises to cut air dry time by up to 46 percent (proven in clinical testing trials). What that specifically means for you is less time under the blow dryer (or none at all, if you wish!), thus less heat damage, less frizz, and less breakage. Practically life-changing! No more heat, tools!

How could this possibly work?

This blow-dryer-in-a-can spray has a blend of lightweight starches that invisibly coat the hair, and absorb and reduce moisture (while adding a nice texture to your hair, too). And IGK’s patented Advanced Flash Cooling Technology basically flash dries hair on contact.

To use it, you shampoo and condition like normal, then towel dry your hair and apply the spray in sections to your locks. Massage each section, working from root to tip to ensure every strand is coated.

Hair will dry much, much faster than it would without this product, so you’ll find if you rely on air drying (like me), you won’t have to wait two hours for your hair to entirely dry. If you can’t abandon your hair dryer just yet, the spray also helps to reduce the amount of time needed to blow dry.

For those of you with waves or curls (lucky!), this will work wonders for your hair, too. Just twist and scrunch as you spray to encourage your natural curl.

When hair is nearly dry, feel free to add whatever products—either frizz-eliminating, or curl-enhancing, or texture spray—you normally use, and allow hair to continue to air dry, or speed up the last few minutes of dry time with a blow dryer.

And as always with IGK, the product is free of parabens, sulfates, gluten, mineral oil, petroleum, and is vegan and cruelty-free. It also provides UV and heat protection.

Wham bam, a hair revolution in a can.

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