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Ever read a how-to guide for styling different types of hair and been like, “Uh, yeah, I guess I’m this hair type, uh, I think…?”

Well, great news then, we gathered up four Domino editors with different hair types, and consulted the experts at Spoke & Weal salon in New York’s Soho neighborhood to investigate all things hair—from texture and type to easy fall styles (that will work year round).

We spent an entire day with Jon Reyman, the master hairstylist and founder of Spoke & Weal, while he talked us through the basics, answered all of our questions, and led the looks for each editor.

First thing first, what hair type are you? According to Reyman, there are three option: soft/fine, medium, or coarse. Here’s how to tell.


“Soft hair is slippery, it doesn’t hold bend well, although it may be naturally curly. The hair may become greasy quickly, and in many cases it’s more flat and limp,” says Reyman. “Soft hair is hard to create volume, too. You can have soft curly hair, or soft straight hair. Lots of people with fine hair are focused on adding volume.”

Are you softy at heart?

Here are your guides to curling and straightening your hair.


“Medium hair is in-between coarse and soft,” says Reyman. “This hair type may not take a lot of work to style bigger or smaller; it’s flexible and usually easy to work with.”

So you’ve got medium hair, that’s great news! Here is your go-to guide.


“Coarse hair is more rough, dry, fluffy, and most people want to make coarse smaller or softer,” says Reyman. “Coarse hair usually takes longer to blow dry and to style, because hair usually has lots of natural volume.”

Coarse hair guide is right here

—you’re going to love it.

Hair by Jon Reyman using Aveda.

Makeup by Chantecaille’s National Artistry Ambassador Eddie Hernandez using Chantecaille.

Produced by Lahaina Alcantara.

Styled by Rachel Besser.

Special thanks to Spoke & Weal for being awesome.