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Finally, Someone Made Good-Looking Speakers

The audio experts at Urbanears have created the most Instagram-worthy speakers.

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Home audio systems are rarely considered worth displaying; we want them to be heard, not seen. But a new connected speaker line from Urbanears—the first foray into home audio for the company, which is known for its headphones—aims to change that.

The speakers are simple, cloth-covered cubes that come in a variety of trendy colors, including millennial pink and jade green, as well as your basic black and grey, and they feature vintage-inspired design elements like two simple knobs that appear straight off an old-fashioned transistor radio. In keeping with the Scandinavian vibe, the two sizes have very Ikea-esque names: the Stammen ($350) and the Baggen ($450).

Each of the two sizes offer an array of connectivity offerings (Bluetooth, aux, WiFI, Spotify Connect, AirPlay, and Chromecast are all included). You can connect up to five of the speakers to create a multi-room sound system (watch out Sonos), and the well-respected audio company Marshall Speakers is part of the same parent company, so the sound quality is excellent.

Via: The Verge, Fast Co.

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Published April 19, 2017