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Instagrammable pop-up experiences are taking over our feeds, from the Museum of Ice Cream in Los Angeles to the Rosé Mansion in New York City. By now, you’ve likely seen the notorious blue ball pit at the NYC pop-up, Color Factory, a pop-up that’s currently in NYC but will have a new home come spring. So, when it comes to color, we’re looking to Jordan Ferney, the mastermind behind the interactive pop-up.

When she’s not behind the next Color Factory project, Ferney heads up an equally vibrant, cheery party website called  Oh Happy Day. As someone who creates experiences that makes others so happy, we wanted to know where she gets her inspiration, so we asked, and she delivered.


Below are the 10 things that make Ferney feel all warm and fuzzy. Hint: The list involves a scissor collection and some really funky candles.

Colorful storage

Courtesy of IKEA Photography by vintagerevivals

I love IKEA. Like, I really love it. Give me some good egalitarian design—such as this utilitarian storage—any day of the week.

Rainbow pajama set

Courtesy of Sleepy Jones Photography by WIKIHOW.COM

We made a Color Factory pajama set and silk sleep mask, designed by Erin Jang, in collaboration with Sleepy Jones. Each color represents a shade found in New York City, like SoHo scaffolding. I love wearing pj’s during the day and throwing a blazer on top so it doesn’t look as if I just rolled out of bed—ha!

Funny prints

Courtesy of Scott Patt Photography by BABBLE.COM

I bought some of these funny prints by artist Scott Patt for my sons’ room a few years ago and they never get old.


Color Factory

Courtesy of Jordan Ferney Photography by Blog Lovin

Color Factory started as a small art project with friends and took on a life of its own. Our goal is to make thoughtful art experiences through color.

Vintage rugs

Courtesy of Furbish Studio Photography by Tumblr

I’ve been buying vintage rugs from Furbish for years. It always has an amazing selection.


Courtesy of Sportique Photography by SAVEUR

I collect scissors, and this pair is my latest acquisition. The clean lines and perfect circles make my heart happy.

Smiley face anything

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters Photography by ARTHURMURRAYBAYSHORE.COM

I’m not a huge sports fan, but if you add a smiley face to something, there’s a good chance I’ll buy it.


Rainbow… again

Courtesy of OVO Things Photography by Tumblr

The perfect party trick: birthday candles with rainbow wicks.

A warm derrier

Courtesy of Galanter and Jones Photography by vintagerevivals

As someone who is always cold, I’m obsessed with these heated chairs and sofas. Designed for the outdoors, they make you want to cozy up and hang out.

Customized keepsakes

Photo by Paul Ferney Photography by COUNTRYLIVING.COM

My friend Abby Clawson Low just wrote a book called This Is Mexico City, and she sent me to an incredible letterpress vendor there who makes custom business cards while you wait.

10 Things That Make Color Factory Founder Jordan Ferney Happy
Photography by

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