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There’s nothing more inspiring than finding a new artist whose vision and aesthetic appeals to you, hopefully so much so that you decide to hang one of their works in your own home. Now, knowing that all art lovers have a curated list of people they follow—and buy from— we started thinking of whose list we wanted to get our hands on. Claudia Naím-Burt, Director of Brand and Communications at Framebridge, immediately came to mind.

She noticed a trend in her list of current favorites, “Nearly every piece was of a lady! I figured that I’d go with it, as a bit of a theme and a nod to being a female founded company full of awesome, creative women.”

Keep reading to discover the art(ists) Naím-Burt is loving right now!

Kate Worum

@kateworum, kateworum.com

Kate is my number one right now. Her work is colorful and gestural, but somehow always clean and cool. I find myself wanting to use her prints in nearly every shoot and project these days.

I want: Iris next to my desk.

Paper Fashion

@paperfashion, paperfashion.net

I am so inspired by how Katie lives her art everywhere she goes. From her coffee to the ground beneath her, she sees art everywhere and I love following her feed where there are daily reminders to do the same.

I want: Curious Ladies to gift to my best friend.

Sally King Benedict

@sallykingbenedict, sallybenedict.com

I find her work really powerful and moving. Sally is an artist I have had on my radar for a really long time. I think I am drawn to her black and white ladies most. There is just something strong and vulnerable and simple and complex about her work. I love it so much.

Side note: one of my favorite things about Framebridge is that I get to see art from customers come into our warehouse each day. You have a constant source of inspiration and a window into the art that moves people. Every time a Sally piece comes in I get butterflies.

I want: This lady to have on my nightstand.

Samantha French

@samantha_french, etsy.com

Her work has SUCH impact. I am obsessed with her use of color and the fact that her work feels special in entirely different ways depending on whether you look at it up close or from a few feet back.

I want: Above and Below for a statement piece in my living room.

Helen Robinson

@helenrobinsonart, helenrobinsonart.com

It’s just so pretty and cool.

(Editor’s note: Agreed.)

I want: This cool girl.

Clare Elsaesser

@clareelsaesser, etsy.com

Her work is somehow saturated and soft. It stands on its own while also mixing beautifully with other art. And it always has a little mystery.

I want: This lady in my living room.

Amber Vittoria

@amber_vittoria, etsy.com

She is the newest artist on my radar! We’ve been using her work a ton at Framebridge. It is very gestural and always a little weird and fun.

I want: Plant goals!

Bonus round: (because like most lists, this one is always growing and evolving.)

This lady by artist Chad Wys, T.S. Harris, this Frida Kahlo portrait from Martyna Zoltaszek, everything on Blanca Miro Skoudy’s feed, this piece by multimedia artist and photographer Ernest Artillo, this Upside Down print by the lovely and crazy talented Max Wanger, and this collection by Australian artist Kirra Jamison.