Published on November 13, 2018

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Courtesy of Target

When it comes to the holidays, it’s pretty easy to get caught up in the traditional. More often than not, we find ourselves confined within the set parameters of what a classic holiday decor scheme should entail—namely, a tree, stockings, and enough tinsel to cover just about every square inch of your home. You know the drill. When it comes to decorating your tree, there’s one underrated aspect that deserves a fresh approach: the skirt.

A staple commonly used to cloak the unsightly trunk and base, the skirt is often considered a standard essential—at least, that’s what we thought until we came across this stylish alternative. The fix? A basket, no less. Now, there’s nothing new or revolutionary behind pairing greens with baskets but subbing one in place of a run-of-the-mill tree skirt will definitely have others doing a double take. In addition to the textured detail it brings about, the basket swap will inspire a reinvented take on the conventional.

The best part is, you can easily repurpose the basket and use it as a versatile catch-all once the holidays are over. Read on for the eclectic finds we’ll be stocking up on this season.

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Courtesy of Anthropologie

Handmade Jamala Basket, Anthropologie, $118

An added pop of color is always welcome, especially when it challenges the classic red and green palette. This handmade seagrass basket boasts a deep turquoise detail that goes far beyond the traditional.

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Courtesy of Terrain

Wicker Basket Tree Skirt, Terrain, $78

Christmas tree stands are hardly ever anything more than an eyesore–hence the need for a tree skirt in the first place. Designate an oversized basket to stand in as a beautifully functional concealer instead.

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Courtesy of Target

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Tree Collar, Target, $34.99

Embrace the modern farmhouse aesthetic with this understated black find. Streamlined in its build and design-forward in color, this woven tree collar is a sophisticated addition to the standard tree.

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Courtesy of The Citizenry

Naga Rattan Baskets, The Citizenry, $165

Handcrafted in Indonesia of natural rattan, this isn’t your ordinary basket. Its delicately structured detailing inspires a near-refined finish, which still manages to uphold its laid-back feel. It’s ideal for an artificial tree that doesn’t need to be watered.

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Courtesy of Terrain

Fresh Tabletop Lodgepole Pine, Rattan Basket, Terrain, $98

Give your ordinary desktop tree the upgrade it deserves with a boldly woven basket base that can make a statement in its own right. Bonus points for the fact that it can give even the saddest tree a stylish bump.

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Courtesy of Ollie Ella

Leather Handle Belly Baskets, Ollie Ella, $34

Belly baskets are about as versatile as they come. We love this one for its sleek leather detailing and pops of brass.

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Courtesy of Crate and Barrel

Bash Gold Tree Collar, Crate and Barrel, $69.95

As if the standard slew of holiday decor wasn’t bright enough, why not bring in an additional pop of luster into the mix? This hammered iron tree collar makes for quite the statement-worthy base and will even contribute a subtle reflective element.


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