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photography by  ERIC POE MILLER  text by  SHANI SILVER

Keeping ourselves inspired often involves seeking out aesthetics that are different from our own, and spaces that push the limits of what we surround ourselves with every day. We spotted one such space and couldn’t resist the chance to share it with you. The Hollywood Hills home belongs to Christina Applegate, who we already know has stellar taste when it comes to interior design. For this project, Christina enlisted Lara Sachs-Fishman, Owner and Founder of Storm Interiors. Learn more about Lara’s creative process below!

HOW DID THIS PROJECT COME ABOUT? I was referred to this project by another client who had worked with Christina behind the scenes in the past.

WHAT WERE CHRISTINA’S PRIMARY GOALS FOR THE DESIGN OF HER SPACE? Christina wanted her home to be comfortable, timeless, inviting, and not too trendy. A must-have for the home was large swivel lounge chairs where she could cross her legs and relax while watching tv.

WHAT DID YOU FORESEE AS THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE HERE? The biggest challenge I foresaw was matching the scale of the living room without overwhelming the space, as it is a large space with very high ceilings.

WHERE DID YOU (AND CHRISTINA) DRAW INSPIRATION FROM FOR THIS DESIGN? Our inspiration for the space was midcentury with Asian elements.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MEMORY OF THIS DESIGN PROCESS? My favorite memory of this particular project is Christina and her assistant. Christina is a very funny person on and off the screen; she’s also a great decision maker with impeccable taste!

WHAT IS ONE THING READERS SHOULD KNOW BEFORE ATTEMPTING A DESIGN LIKE THIS OF THEIR OWN? Scale and proportion are elements I would suggest to keep in mind for a project such as this one, along with remembering to maintain the balance of these two design principles.

ARE THERE ANY ELEMENTS PRESENT HERE THAT YOU WOULD CONSIDER A STORM INTERIORS “SIGNATURE”? The Storm Interior signatures seen within this project are the vintage art pieces and accessories.

CHESTS AND BED by Storm Custom