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35 airbnbs under $100 per night!

explore unique, affordable places to stay all over the US!

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Moffat, CO

Airstream adventures await, but Moffatt is so stunning we imagine you’ll barely be inside.  Rent it!

We can’t even talk about how gorgeous this land is.

Brooks, ME

Escape somewhere peaceful, for a change.  Rent it!

A lofty view of this rental’s sleeping space.

Los Angeles, CA

A sweet little guest house with an ideal outside space. (See it on the next slide)! Rent it!

For $90/night? We’ll take it!

Madrid, NM

You’ve always wanted to stay in a tipi, and you know it. For $40/night, how can you not?  Rent it!

Truly a once-in-a-lifetime stay.

Los Angeles, CA

The best view $87 per night can buy. Rent it!

…and plenty of natural light, too!

Eugene, OR

Anyone craving a rustic break from the norm will be happy to cozy up here.  Rent it!

We imagine this makes quite the writer’s retreat…

Los Angeles, CA

Vintage charm in Echo Park, CA, and the chance to (finally) stay in an airstream!  Rent it!

We love the adventurous nature of airstream lodgings…

Los Angeles, CA

You can try to find a place with more character, but you’re not going to find it for less than $93/night! Rent it!

We’d spend our entire stay here outside, TBH.

Los Angeles, CA

While this one has a 90-day minimum stay, it still averages out to less than $70/night. An excellent deal for this sunny hideaway. Rent it!

See what we mean?

Oakland, CA

This treehouse escape is packed with charm (and natural light!), and one of the biggest outside spaces you’ll find for $80/night.  Rent it!

Did we mention how cute the kitchen is?

Berkeley, C

A Of course we’re including tiny houses. Especially when they’re this charming (and cheap)! Rent it!

View from above in the quaintest little home.

Seattle, WA

Prefer something more modern? This Seattle studio will let you feel right at home, for a steal.  Rent it!

Rest easy knowing you’re not spending a ton of cash on an overpriced hotel.

Seattle, WA

Another Seattle space, this rental has the cutest of kitchens and a patio perfect for morning coffee.  Rent it!

Sigh. Let’s just book plane tickets now, k?

Seattle, WA

Part party bus, part affordable rental, this mobile home (actually an “El Rey,” which is a cousin of the airstream) is certain to be the Instagram highlight of your trip.  Rent it!

If you’re into it, book quickly. This one is typically taken!

Hamtramck, MI

Haven’t heard of Hamtramck before? It sits just outside Detroit, and this cozy space is the perfect place to relax after a day of exploring the city’s burgeoning art scene.  Rent it!

Open and airy, the light in this space helps fend of the cold midwestern winter blues.

El Prado, NM

This, friends, is a geodesic dome. It’s one of the most unique stays you can have, and for $79/night! Rent it!

Your stories will be better than everyone else’s stories, for certain.

Tigard, OR

One of the larger spaces on this list, a 6-person cabin in Oregon might be just the escape a gaggle of busy professional pals should enjoy.  Rent it!

Yep, it has a slide.

Rensselaerville, NY

The lakeside cabin you imagine when you think of traveling to upstate New York. We’d save this one for the fall. Rent it!

Bring friends, and plenty of fireside stories.

Surrey, ME

A lofted sleeping space in a special cottage.  Rent it!

And really, when do you find a grand piano in your Airbnb?

Waterford, ME

We can’t even.  Rent it!

Let’s go. Right now.

Colorado Springs, CO

At $75/night, you and three pals can stay comfortably in a Euro-inspired space with all the essentials.  Rent it!

Get comfy.

Cripple Creek, CO

The most affordable way for six friends to spend a long weekend someplace snowy, this cabin all charm. Oh, and bonus, it’s family-built!  Rent it! 

Ghost stories and marshmallows not included.

Garden City, ID

We couldn’t resist showing you the exterior of this duplex. (Rental is the bottom floor).  Rent it!

Anyone who prefers to cook should scoop up this space, quick. The spacious kitchen and open floor plan make it ideal for dinners here.

Harrison, AR

The vacations that happen here are those you try to replicate, year after year.  Rent it!

Seriously, start packing the car.

Weaverville, NC

Truly tiny and just $50/night, anyone who loves to travel with just the essentials will be captivated by this coziness in the trees.  Rent it!

Imagine waking up here…

Putney, VT

If your ideal soundtrack is nature, book this–fast.  Rent it!

Do not forget your good camera.

Asheville, NC

Beautifully designed and modern, a stay here will have anyone considering their own woodland retreat.  Rent it!

The kind of place where you spend as little time as possible indoors.

Louisville, KY

This charming Kentucky camper is the cutest version of rustic we’ve ever seen. Take a break from…well…everything and escape here.  Rent it!

We know. We want to keep it, too.

Monroe, UT

A true cabin experience, these surroundings are nothing short of magical.  Rent it!

Outdoor bathtub you guys. Outdoor bathtub.

San Antonio, TX

An airstream with an outdoor shower and a minimalist approach to design. Only an hour and a half (or less!) away from Austin, we couldn’t resist dropping in here for a night or two.  Rent it!

She’s Instagram-ready, don’t worry.

Pāhoa, HI

You’ve never done Hawaii this way. This lava rock cottage is all solar powered!  Rent it!

360 views, an outdoor shower, yeah…we’d stay here.

Andrews, NC

Escape to the trees, and fast. This tiny house is just $65/night and has plenty of outside space for getting lost in thought in stunning surroundings.  Rent it!

The cutest of sleeping lofts.

Tucson, AZ

Literally called a “poet’s studio,” we’re already imagining how inspiring a getaway here must be.  Rent it!

That fireplace tho!

Boise, ID

Concrete floors, open space, and plenty of style. This is nothing short of a steal.  Rent it!

If this doesn’t inspire your next plane ticket, what will?