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Casper, one of 2017’s most innovative companies in the world, just got even more inventive—with the design of its first ever, extra cozy brick-and-mortar shop. The masterful mattress brand is swiftly becoming synonymous with a good night’s sleep (something we could all get a little more of), and now, you can experience its state-of-the art, yet streamlined sleep products for yourself, thanks to the opening of the Sleep Shop, located in the NoHo neighborhood of New York City.

Coming off new additions to its collaboration with Target (including a $350 mattress and colorful, high-quality sheets), Casper has finally created a space fit for its famed sleep savvy products. In just four years, the brand has made quite a name for itself—perfecting the comfiest mattresses, pillows, and more—but has primarily remained in the digital space. Though the company began with a small showroom and has launched numerous temporary shops across the country over the years, this new location is the first all-inclusive store. This means finally, customers can actually experience the products firsthand—which is exactly what most of us want to do before purchasing a new mattress.

Now, you can try out the mattress of your dreams in-store for immediate carry-out purchase or home delivery, with the same 100-day money back guarantee the brand is known for.

The result is a store that’s designed in a playful mix of comfort and whimsy, embodying the startup’s young energy. Inspired by the comforts of home, Casper designed six miniature homes inside the 3,000-square-foot location in New York—each one equally adorable, trendy, and oh-so-cozy. Here, customers are encouraged to touch, lounge, and yes, doze off on the specially engineered sleep offerings. The dreamy installations will rotate throughout the year, creating great ambiance throughout the retail location.

The imaginative design of the store lends itself to a more relaxed shopping experience, flipping the script on the traditional department store showroom of hundreds of mattresses lined up in overwhelming rows under bright lights. Instead, each of the mini home installations creates its own secluded area that fosters a truly laid-back shopping experience.

“The goal was to make it feel more like your bedroom than a showroom,” Philip Krim, one of the co-founders of the company, told The Washington Post. And since a huge part of the company’s mission is to make mattress shopping a more enjoyable experience, it has been committed to researching the best ways to make the process easier. After all, your mattress is one of the most personal and intimate objects in your home.

Complete with streamlined product displays in the brand’s signature white and navy, the retail store will open its doors to the community for various sleep and wellness-focused events in the future as well.

One thing’s for sure—if you were apprehensive about buying a mattress online without trying it out, Casper’s new store might just turn you into another one of the brand’s raving fans.

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