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It’s a not-so-secret fact that if you savor sleep, Brooklinen is your BFF. Celebrity makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes swears by the brand’s silk pillowcases; Lo Bosworth says she’s had a long-term relationship with its all-white bedding; and, of course, our editors are longtime fans, too. Part of the draw for anyone looking for a full-on refresh are the company’s all-in-one bundle options, but the chic colorways and sheer breeziness of its linen offerings are a big perk for the aesthetically minded, like models–turned–furniture designers Jordy Murray and Nora O’Neil. Even side sleepers are obsessed with the Marlowe pillow, which features a side zipper that allows you to adjust its firmness. All that to say, the products are worth the hype. So, naturally, when there is a sale that is as “big as Black Friday,” we are here for it.

From April 26 to May 4, Brooklinen is shaving 20 percent off prices sitewide (the discounts are in honor of the company’s eighth birthday), making this the only time of year outside of the last week in November you can save that much (the other holiday sales usually cap at 15 percent off). And this go-around, five of its Spaces partner brands (hello, Floyd!) are included in the event as well. Shop our favorite picks, below, and rest easy tonight knowing you scored a major deal.

The Upgraded Basics Your Bed Needs

The tricky thing about shopping for sateen sheets is finding them in chic colors, which is one reason we’ve raved about Brooklinen’s always-on-trend pick in the past. The 480-thread-count offering continues to live up to the praise with a selection of 12 colors and patterns to choose from, including moody graphite and mellow blush.


The Softest Linen You’ll Ever Sleep On

This bundle is the epitome of laid-back luxury and made our list of linen sheets we’re obsessed with. The breathable fabric famously gets softer with each wash, but this ultra-lightweight set starts with an almost gauzelike feeling right out of the gate.

The Summer Essential You’ll Keep for Seasons to Come

Don’t just upgrade your swimsuits this summer—upgrade your towel collection, too. The Artist Series our editors recently tested is so soft, stylish, and ultra-absorbent (thanks to a velour-terry combo) that we expect you’ll hold onto these for a while. And with fun prints from NYC artists, you can basically call them collector’s items.

The Internet-Famous Bed That Stands the Test of Time

The ubiquitous birch frame you’ve seen all over Instagram (and here on Domino) is popular for good reason—it’s minimalist in style, modular in nature, and elevated enough for easy under-bed storage. In other words, it’s kind of perfect. And this sale is a steal, as the discounts on Floyd’s website typically max out at 15 percent off. 

The Chic Rug to Fearlessly Toss in Your Washing Machine 

Wine splatter and spilled Cheerios are no match for Lorena Canals rugs. You’ll find a range of designs on Brooklinen’s site that deserve to be center stage in your living room and are tough enough to survive the washer.